Denver, USA: Starbucks attacked in solidarity with the Prison Strike


On the night of Monday October 24th we attacked a Starbucks on Colfax Ave here in Denver, CO because of their use of prison slavery. We smashed out almost all of the windows and glass doors, including those of the drive-thru window and painted graffiti reading “#PRISONSTRIKE” and “END PRISON SLAVERY” on the building and also painted the drive-thru menu board.

We did this in solidarity with all those held captive in the prisons and jails who have been fighting so fiercely and bravely as part of the ongoing prison strike that started on September 9th. Your resistance and strength has been both inspirational and beautiful to us and we hope in turn this action inspires you to keep fighting and taking action on the inside.

A match has been lit; we are realizing our collective strength; the fire is spreading; our resistance is growing stronger and larger every day. Let’s continue to fan the flames of this fire until it burns down every prison and jail and this entire society built on systems of exploitation and domination!



Solidarity means ATTACK!

With love and solidarity – some Denver anarchists


The next morning it came to our knowledge that the Starbucks had been closed down for the day because of our actions. It should also be noted that aside from a sign in front of the store stating an apology for the closure that there was also a large banner draped over the “END PRISON SLAVERY” tag in an effort to conceal it… FUCK STARBUCKS!

(via It’s Going Down)

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Komotini, Greece: Banner by UTOPIA A.D. squat in solidarity with the PDI case comrades in Chile


As a small gesture of solidarity with the comrades being prosecuted for the PDI case in Chile, we hung a banner at a concert (19/10) and next to a pedestrian area of the University.


(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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Italy: 30 doves released from captivity

Received anonymously:

On October 24th, 2016, animal liberation activists released 30 doves that had been captured by the principal of ‘Ambrosoli’ secondary school in Vicenza, Italy.

This is the second incursion into ‘Ambrosoli’ secondary school in Vicenza against the oppression of other animals.

Video of the liberation:

(via Frente de Liberacion Animal)


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Santiago, Chile: Explosive attack against a State Bank branch by Autonomous Brigades for the Fire


The night of October 23, commune of Macul, Santiago. The eve of the electoral farce.

We claim the sabotage of Banco Estado (State Bank).

There are plenty of motives for arson and for realizing the anarchic offensive against their temples of money.

With this action we extend our commitment to the revolt. Maximum willingness for the intensification of the conflict against State Capital, Power and all authority.

We send greetings to all the imprisoned comrades facing judicial trials and processes in the coming weeks.

Ignacio Muñoz

Manuel, Amaru, Felipe, Maria Paz, Natalia

Juan, Enrique, Nataly.

Total complicity with all of you.

Autonomous Brigades for the Fire

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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Greece: Responsibility claim from Cell of Proletarian Violence for multiple incendiary attacks in Athens

Car Fire

In the early hours of Friday September 9th we torched a van of multinational (of Finish interests) company KONE on Zinoviou street in Ilioupoli, as well as in the early hours of September 20th we torched one more van belonging to the same company on Filadelfias street in Kesariani, which was completely destroyed.

The company in question is major in the sector of constructing and maintaining elevators internationally, with annual profits of many millions. Of course in the Greece of memorandums and constant devaluation of labor, the policies of multinationals cannot but align with the “laws of the market”, thus while KONE is gaining massive profits, in this country it decreases workers wages by 15%, fires and imposes a regime of labor terrorism. Such phenomenons have not remained unanswered by the workers, who respond with 3 hour work stoppages and 24 hour strikes, creating small hearths of resistance in the labor middle-ages we are all experiencing.

Also, in the early hours of Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 28th of September, we completely torched a luxury jeep (BMW X3) on Polykarpou street in Nea Smirni and a luxury car (Porsche Cayman) on Naiadon street in Palio Faliro respectively. Remembering for a bit the legendary club of Καψεcayenistas (burn-a-cayenists).

It is a constant provocation when while workers are being fired, pensions are reduced, people are living on the streets because of auctioned homes, others can go around with (let alone possess) such provocative symbols of private wealth. While others search the trash for food, eat at soup kitchens or pass out from hunger, others project their wealth so vulgarly. A wealth that is not a birthright, although that happens often, but that was built with the exploitation and the blood of our class. A wealth that bosses and executives of companies such as KONE accumulate with their aggressive policies.

On one hand, in the conjuncture of the constant attack of the imperialistic capital, its mechanisms (EU, ECB, IMF, NATO), the addicted Greek upper class and its slave political personnel, and on the other the movements’ low tide and reshuffling, the duties of our class should be redefined, so we can take battle positions and halt the attack we are experiencing. Lets organize a political-military front capable of responding to the modern problems of working people, as well as being a source of inspiration for the fighters. A front that will prepare our class for the final storming of the kingdom of freedom.

Our actions are dedicated with all our soul to communist revolutionary Dimitris Koufodinas, we demand the immediate granting of furlough to him and fighter political prisoner Alexandros Giotopoulos.

Solidarity to our comrades, Kostas Sakkas, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis.

Solidarity to anarchist revolutionary Pola Roupa, whose stubbornness and insistence are an example for every fighter.



Cell of Proletarian Violence

(via Act For Freedom Now!)

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Greece: A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of the mafioso Habibi in Exarcheia


A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of Habibi.

Because much has already been said and even more will be said, one more text full of praises or aphorisms would have nothing to add and offer.

This is why, because of the recent incidents, here will be written only what is deemed necessary about the before, the now and the after of a situation that does not only concern the square and the people there but also all of us. Publicly and openly, without exposing or slandering individuals and projects. And certainly not with great ease or arrogance as is customary.

What goes on in the area of Exarcheia (and not only) with dealing and mafias, has been common knowledge for years now. And indeed, something needed to start happening from the side of the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu about the issue, because we cannot close our eyes to such a corrupt and degrading situation. It is definitely an abjection and a lot has to change, and this can in no way happen painlessly and peacefully. Whatever disagreements on handling and individual or less individual attitudes, behavior and mindsets concerning this issue, are not at all unimportant, but neither are they at the service of cannibalistic appetites in public forums of irresponsibility.

First of all, a probably evident admission: No one was saddened by Habibi’s death. The charitable kind of sensitivities about a murder and a lost human life are simply voices from the living room and reformist dissonant voices, maybe even directed. (The who, how and why he was killed and where and if this leads anywhere, is clearly another parameter, that concerns internal discussions of a space or movement). To put it politely: every Habibi will only be missed by their bosses, namely the state and the mafias.

However, in order to not forget the obvious, we must clarify a few things. We come therefore to the responsibility claim… Beyond some general and maybe superficially formulated positions which seem to have been written in order to elicit support or sympathy from the anarchists, the text is full of authoritarian attitudes which refer to regimes and functions that are foreign to every anarchist, foreign to any meaning of the words liberation movement. Since when does such a logic consist as part of the political (with or without quotation marks) struggle?

What anarchist or communist can feel close to open threats of the use of violence in the case of non-compliance to instructions? And not threats towards the state, not towards fascists or judges, media snitches or cops, but towards drug addicts or casual “smokers”. How can someone think they are represented in values by a discourse that favors the violent removal of addicts as a way of dealing with them or that equates the mentally ill with murderers?

Is it legitimate to ignore that the state seeks the division of people into social camps and the marginalization of the “troubled ones” who distort the image of an efficient, functional and sparkling – yet so hypocritical – society? How can we not recognize the state methods used in order for “criminals”, outlaws and “psychos” to be irreversibly stigmatized and end up in prisons and psychiatric clinics fading into oblivion without any help, without the necessary in many cases, treatment? What anarchist does not recognize that in the end addicts and mentally ill patients are victims of capitalism itself?

In a nutshell, the light use of terms such as “paranoid”, “psychotic” and even more their association with “murderers” and “scum” are connections used by authority and all sorts of dominators, either by ignorance since this profile of a psychotic bloodthirsty murderer has been promoted in an extremely skillful way mainly by the media who distort the real image concerning psychotic illnesses. Or on purpose since drug addiction, medicine, substances and the pacification of users and victims is one more oppressive means of the state.

Is there some anarchist revolutionary code of values that can tolerate this unforced, unprecedented and indiscriminate generalization by unsolicited saviors and liquidators of a tough Stalinist logic (best case scenario)?

But also concerning the references to “anti-socialism” and “indiscipline”, who defines the frames in which anarchist interaction and action is (not) deemed reprehensible? Who defines the frames of anarchist discipline? Who can think that there is a central orientation or a trodden outside of which a subject will be characterized as undisciplined and will be dealt with as such?

But the problems in the responsibility claim text do not end here…

There is no logical base of thought to compare the conditions in Exarhceia with that of the IRA or with Turkey which are referenced, since these examples concern deep rooted movements, which are at war with their state. If we want to be honest then whatever comparison should probably be considered disproportionate and misplaced… Besides, this problem does not only concern the square, not even only the wider area of Exarhceia. We cannot simply speak of “relieving”a neighborhood, because that way there will just be a shift and not a solution to the problem. And looking deeper into the issue, we cannot but be annoyed by the older “purging” attempts of shop owners and alleged residents (large landowners) of the area, which might not be so blatant, are however in the frames of a logic that is convenient for the state and economy…

All – or almost all – of us, agree that there are indeed issues either occasional or more permanent, with individuals, behavior and attitudes that wrongly flourish in our movement, but also more generally in our long-suffering and favorite square, as well as the surrounding areas. But figuring that out is the easy part, whether done “academically” in favor of the analysis itself, or accompanied by some act through which individual findings arise. However even if this concerns the second case, they are of no use without essential counter-propositions or when accompanied by vague talk. When moreover there is no fundamental analysis on situations such as mental illnesses and the analysis does not exceed a semblance assessment – like, a paranoid person is a murderer and a scumbag -, an assessment that coincides with that of authority itself, as well as the majority of society which treats them, whether aggressively or passively, like parasites and occasionally like enemies.

No one is promoting the tolerance of mafias, nor the hooliganization of our actions. But between that point and the extremely hierarchical and dominant logic of the writers of this responsibility claim, there is a massive gap. What revolutionary plan of organization has ever been expressed with this authoritarian language? In the name of which revolution are diffused threats of raw oppression being unleashed? What sort of anarchy speaks like it’s settling scores?

When we don’t like something politically and humanly, we fight to change it or abolish it. But at what cost? With what content? Is the purpose served by any means or instruments that are consistent with it, no matter what the personal cost? Are we people or robots? When the political and value content is so blatantly unfamiliar to us, then either quality got lost while chasing the purpose, or it never existed.

The propositions, logic, plans and the conscience that arises from or are expressed through them, this is what burns… It is there where you can see if words and acts are consistently moving in the direction of anarchist liberation or if on the other hand they express logics completely foreign to it.

Sometimes while we think that our problem is outside us, it is actually inside or among us.

Strength to all of us. War against every mafia and authority.

(via Act For Freedom Now!)

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Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: ‘For Alfredo & Anna – Until We Meet’ (Greece / Italy)


Note from Insurrection News: Since the following text was written it has been announced that the imprisoned anarchist comrades in Italy, Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino both ended their hunger strikes on October 22nd after prison authorities eased their isolation conditions. Alfredo had been on hunger strike since October 3rd and Anna since October 10th. 

In Italy, comrade Alfredo Cospito since October 3rd and comrade Anna Beniamino since October 10th, are on a hunger strike against the isolation imposed on them and on the anarchists imprisoned for the attacks of FAI too (“scripta manent” operation). We know that the struggle against authority is unequal ..Nevertheless we choose the war for freedom instead of the peace of fear.

Because we know that there are “free” people, which are more slaves than the prisoners, and alive people more dead than most of our dead comrades who fell in the battle for freedom.

Because for every battle that we lose, a new one begins.

“Because if I don’t get burnt, if you don’t get burnt, how will the darkness turn to shining…”

For us solidarity is not simply a “touching” word, but a way of life, of becoming people with the dream as our measure.

We stand by our comrades Alfredo and Anna with all our heart and mind, until our dream meeting..



CCF / FAI- Urban Guerrilla Cell

George Polydoros

Olga Economidou

Gerasimos Tsakalos

Christos Tsakalos

Korydallos prison.

(via Traces Of Fire)



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