Athens, Greece: Concerning the Case of Tasos Theofilou – The ‘Plea’


I shall start my plea by clarifying once again that I am denying the accusations I am accused of.

There are two kinds of reality. The actual one and the one that has been presented as such during the trial of first instance. The actual reality and the narrative of the Counter-terrorism department that selected some real facts and redefined them based on the prejudices, based on their obsessions or based on the result they wanted to get and combined them not only arbitrarily but also with imaginary incidents.

Counter-terrorism created a fairy tale so complete that they even included a Dragon in the form of a prosecutor of appeals (Note: the prosecutor was named Drakos which means dragon in Greek).There is an irony. A contradiction throughout the indictment. There is a comic and a tragic strand in relation to the actions that are attributed to me. The comic aspect concerns my participation in the CCF and the tragic concerns my involvement in a homicide. Taking a human life is as worthless for my own ideological code as it is for the criminal code (unless we are talking about political executions which in this case are not considered in a moral but in a historical and political context). On the contrary, I do not find any worthlessness in the accusation of participating in an anarchist organization, I just find it comical because of the discrepancy in our analyses.

The Law and Order doctrine in Greece reflects the political sphere in the field of criminal repression where the responsibilities and consequences of the economic crisis are passed from capital to work and from the rich to the poor who are eventually accused of being greedy and responsible for the crisis since ”they lived above their potential” for many years.

The narrative of power presents the economic crisis not as the outcome of structural and inherent to capitalism causes such as the over-accumulation, but as the result of the greediness and laziness of the working class and maybe of some failures of the political personnel that was driven to a “populist” mismanagement in order to satisfy the greedy workers. We have even heard that political demonstrations are to blame for the collapse of the economy. We recently witnessed Mr. Dendias, former minister of Public Order, to arraign a journalist employed in the national newspaper Kathimerini, because he didn’t identify with the perspective of the newspaper and had the audacity to believe that the reason that stores in the center of Athens are driven to bankruptcy is not the protests that take place.

There is a focus on  the anarchist movement and an emerging repression that is evident in the statements of the current leader of opposition, Kiriakos Mitsotakis, and the shadow minister of Public Order Mr. Maximos Harakopoulos, who use the derogatory term ”Exarchistan” to refer to Exarcheia district and commit to giving an end to the anarchist movement and the area if they ever become an  elected government. They will not seek an end to the Troika and the memorandums, but an end to the anarchist milieu and Exarcheia. That is their pre-election commitment. Relying on this argument, they encourage their voters to elect them as a government. More specifically, mister Harakopoulos argued that: “as it has been clarified by Kiriakos Mitsotakis, for New Democracy the priority is to satisfy this widely accepted demand”.

It has been a long-standing demand of the Law and Order lobby to overcome the impediments and the assurances of the Enlightenment. Then we ‘d move forward to a model of justice best portrayed by Judge Dredd. Counter-terrorism will be in control of the entire judicial process, from a suspect’s arrest to his/her trial. 

It is certainly honourable to attribute a robbery to anarchists because during the act the perpetrators did not steal the money of the clients but even this assumption is inaccurate. Mr Samios (client) spoke about the perpetrators and said they were people who had been expelled by the system. For me, this point of his testimony is of utmost importance although it was not given as much attention as the fact that customer’s money was not stolen.

I believe that the above constitute the main parts worth explaining. So once again I shall repeat that I didn’t have any kind of participation in the CCF organization or the robbery on Paros. The one and only time I came across a gun was when one was stuck in my temple during my arrest.

Concluding, I will repeat once again that I have not committed the crimes I am accused of. But I committed a crime that encompasses all crimes. I am an anarchist. In the class war I sided with the excluded and the underprivileged, the hunted, the damned and the poor, the weak and the oppressed. On the one hand my imprisonment is the natural progression of this choice and on the other hand prison is another field of struggle. But if after all these, after many months and trial hearings you still believe that the following excerpt from the counter-terrorism law that says “which is possible to seriously harm a country, in order to seriously intimidate a population, to seriously harm and destroy the fundamental constitutional, political and economical structures of a country”  can best describe me and not the trοika, you might as well pronounce me guilty. If you also believe that I killed an unarmed citizen by shooting four times in contact range, in hot or cold blood it matters little, then again you might as well pronounce me guilty.

Tasos Theofilou

(Translated by 187A)

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Ukraine: Two Excavators Torched by Informal Anarchist Federation in Kiev

Received on 24.06.17:

Kiev, Ukraine: anarchists set on fire 2 excavators

Near the fish farm “Nyvky” on the territory of Svyatoshynskyi ponds,
located on the Nivka river, two dragline excavators were burned.

23.06.2017, about 1 a.m., the anarchists approached earth-moving machines,
which for months were destroying nature. On the way to the place it was
discovered that the roads running through the Belichansky forest were
heavily damaged by dump trucks. The indignation of the arsonists was
While the guards were quietly sitting in their cabins with the lights on,
the guerrillas without any difficulties climbed at the machines.
The EO-4111 excavator was mechanically damaged, and 2 EO-3211 excavators
were set on fire. To do this, each diesel engine D-65 was carefully lined
with rags and diligently poured with 6 liters of incendiary mixture.
Nearby was laying the old truck cover, it was also placed near one engine.
Excavators burned very well!

Today, any evil for the sake of profit destroys the natural heritage. The
power of the oligarchs indulges to it.You do not have to put up with this.

Fight with the destroyers and invaders of nature!
Rivers, lakes and forests should be accessible to everyone!

Anarchists / FAI
Kiev, June 2017

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Australia: Refugee Supporters drop banner off Channel 7 Melbourne, in view of Border Force Headquarters


Media Release

Refugee Supporters drop banner off Channel 7 Melbourne, in view of Border Force Headquarters

DATE: 23 JUNE 2017

This morning, refugee supporters from the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA) have hung a banner reading “Border Force Tortures Refugees – Deportations = Death” off the Channel 7 building in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct to draw media attention to the plight of refugees in on and offshore detention.  Channel 7 itself is not a target of the action, rather the Channel 7 building is in a direct line of sight of the Border Force headquarters in Customs House, where operational matters in Manus Island and Nauru refugee detention camps are managed.

 WACA spokesperson Zianna Fuad said “The federal government and its refugee detention industry contractors have again sought to avoid being held to account with their proposal to settle the Manus class action compensation case out of court. WACA has staged this action to call on the Federal Government to repeal the Border Force Act, evacuate the camps immediately, bring them here and end the illegal indefinite detention of refugees”.

“In proposing the settlement, the government denies all liability for the mistreatment and false imprisonment of people on Manus Island. Some of the claimants themselves have asked, what good is a few thousand dollars when they remain in unsafe conditions and in fear of deportation back to the danger that they fled? What good is hush money to people denied freedom and safety?”

By holding people in detention, the Australian government is breaching the international human rights of asylum seekers. Article 14.1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution”.

WACA spokesperson Sam Castro stated:

“We can’t rely on the politicians, nor on the legal system that has been effectively bypassed. It is up to us to act to stop business as usual until the government closes the camps and safely re-settles the people it has illegally detained and tortured.”

 “There will be no justice and no business as usual for the Government and their private contractors, until the asylum seekers and refugees held as political prisoners in Australia’s immigration detention centres are safely resettled”, she added.

Today’s action is a continuation of two shutdowns of Border Force by members of WACA, where they called for the sacking of Minister Dutton and the closure of all onshore and offshore detention centres. WACA is working alongside many other groups and individuals in Australia to bring justice to refugees that have been unfairly detained in horrifying circumstances and is demanding that the Government dismantle its offshore detention camps
For media comment on site

Sam Castro: 0439 569 289 (ground)

Zianna Fuad: 0401 613 301 (roof)

**This event takes place during Refugee week. We maintain that every week is Refugee week until there is no need for people to seek asylum.**

#CloseTheCamps #StopDeportations #BringThemHere #Justice4Refugees

Twitter: @akaWACA

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Banner drop Against the Construction of Kulon Progo Airport


Received on 23.06.17:

Banner-dropping action held yesterday during 5 in the morning on the
train bridge Kewek, Yogyakarta, near Malioboro (A tourists area). Banner
resisting airport construction in the Kulon Progo regions whereas for
years the peasants have been resisting mining companies and the
mega-project including Bandara Temon (Temon Airport) or what is well
information soon in english and a call for international solidarity
against New Yogyakarta International Airport!

The banner reads as: “Construction of Kulon Progo Airport equals
environmental destruction and the eviction of peasants community.



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Belarus: People’s Response To The Tax On “Parasitism” (Video)


Watch video on Anarchy Today website HERE


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Narrm / Melbourne, so-called ‘Australia’: Wilson Parking Ticket Machines Sabotaged in Solidarity with Refugees in Detention


Received on 21.06.17:

21.06.17: Disgusted at the absurd charade that is ‘Refugee Week’, a week of hypocrisy that has even been endorsed by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), we visited the Wilson car park in Cremorne and sabotaged 3 of their ticket machines with expanding insulation foam. The Wilson group profiteer from so-called ‘Australia”s offshore concentration camps for refugees and their ‘security guards’ are responsible for perpetuating gross acts of violence against detainees whose only ‘crime’ is to seek asylum in so-called ‘Australia’.

We encourage others to engage in creative and diverse acts that directly target the corporations, state institutions / apparatuses, and individuals who are complicit in perpetuating so-called ‘Australia”s racist policy agenda towards refugees and those in detention.

Some anarchists against all forms of detention

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Action Against McDonald’s

Within the context of ‘Month for the Earth and Against Capital’ an action took place at the Montevideo Shopping branch of McDonald’s. Rejecting the activity of this multinational that is sustained at the cost of the exploitation of millions of both human and non-human animals, the devastation of natural habitats and the generation of serious diseases via their ‘products’ (even attempting to clean their image with campaigns such as Happy McD’s).

We resist the logic of domination, the commodification of life, imperialism and most importantly anthropocentrism.

Against all forms of oppression! Solidarity and Action! 

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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