Turkey: Revolutionary anarchist prisoner Umut Firat is not alone!


“Yesterday, at a time when the tears have not dried and the rage is not settled yet for the cities burned down to rubble with tanks and bombing, hundreds of people killed, thousands of old, young, child, women and men wounded and unhoused; the images of the perpetrators taking medals are alive in our memories; when the tanks and planes which burned down the cities and killed the people targeted Ankara and Istanbul on July 15, yesterdays heroes were declared traitors overnight. Thousands of people were stuffed into prisons, tens of thousands lost their jobs. The practice of reciprocal coups which is a manifestation of power struggle at the top of the state, revealed the dirty face of state. The relationships between the gangs, cult, sect that organized inside the state with their soldiers, police, allegedly independent judges from supreme court to chancery, prosecutors and all bureaucracy, and the 15 year old racist, nationalist, fundamentalist and sectarian government which used them for their power. However, the government started to organize its counter coup to cement its power despite being responsible for all that’s been lived, and boosted the process of assigning guardians and litem, to companies for change of capital, to newspapers and TV channels for change of idea, municipalities and parties for change of politics, and increased its oppression on all social opposition. While governing with delegated legislation, it is carrying the masses that it manipulated with war horns, and is about to turn all this geography into a sea of blood for its power, ambitions and madness. As a human, Revolutionary Anarchist, Conscientious/Total Objector, an individual who has been spending 23 years in a lit cell under the darkness of a dungeon, I see all entities of capitalist, statist, nationalist, fundamentalist, sectarian and patriarchal power structure are responsible for all this. I start hunger strike, to draw attention to all this, before and after, to emphasize that new forms of struggle and social opposition has to be organized, and to reflect my own political, moral and conscientious attitude.”

Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner and Anarchist Meydan Newspaper writer Umut Fırat Suvariogullari, who was “transferred for exile” from Izmir Buca Prison to Izmir Yenisakran T Type Prison number 4, is on the 38th day of his hunger strike. Considering what has been lived in the place of oppression and cruelty, the prisons, the changes and events during the state of emergency are no surprise. Revolutionary Anarchist Umut Fırat, were searched naked during acceptance procedures, resisted because his body was touched without volition, and took communication punishment for resistance. Besides his Revolutionary Anarchist identity being ignored, he was placed with 19 persons in 14 person rooms, forced to sleep on torn beds with blood, forced to stay for years under holding cell conditions of police stations. Revolutionary prisoners continue to live under the conditions choked to bureaucracy and deprivation by the newly appointed during state of emergency, creating a prison inside prison, where open visits are twice a month and 45-50 minutes, petitions are ignored, repression and torture are continuous.

The conditions that Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner Umut Fırat Suvariogullari is exposed today, are the conditions that all revolutionary prisoners are exposed during the state of emergency. Umut Fırat Suvariogullari, who is on the 38th day of the hunger strike to defend his Revolutionary Anarchist identity and create his sustainable living conditions, is continuing his struggle against all these conditions, becoming free with his struggle.

We salute his struggle!

Revolutionary hearts will destroy the cells!

Comrade Umut Fırat is not alone!

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Melbourne: Philippines consulate redecorated in protest against Duterte’s murderous war on drug users

Received on 17.01.17:

In response to the call for action from drug users in the Philippines to highlight the dangerous situation they are facing under the murderous Duterte regime, we decided to pay a visit to the Philippines consulate in Melbourne.

On the night of 16.01.17 we redecorated the entrance of the consulate with red paint, flyers and syringes. The red paint is to symbolize the blood of the thousands of drug users that have been murdered during a brutal nationwide pogrom by police and Catholic ‘citizen’ vigilante groups since Duterte took power in May 2016. Each syringe represents 25 murdered drug users – around 20 drug users are killed each day in the Philippines. The flyers read ‘PINOY DRUG USERS JAB BACK!’, ‘SHOOT DUTERTE NOT DRUG USERS!’, ‘STOP DUTERTE’S WAR ON THE POOR – DEATH TO ALL FASCIST HEADS OF STATE!’ and ‘ONE SYRINGE = 25 KILLED – STOP THE SLAUGHTER’.


Anarchists Against Duterte

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Melbourne: Graffiti at the Turkish consulate in solidarity with imprisoned members of Grup Yorum



Received on 17.01.17:

During the night of 16.01.17 some anarchists painted the slogan ‘Grup Yorum Cannot Be Silenced’ on the Turkish consulate in Melbourne, Australia.

Grup Yorum are a left-wing folk band from Turkey who have been active for over 30 years. Their music is highly critical of the Turkish state and its members support and participate in activism against the state. They have been systematically targeted for represession by the Turkish state for decades. Currently 7 members of the band have been imprisoned since November 2016 on ridiculous charges of ‘belonging to a terrorist organization’.

This action is in response to the call from our anarchist comrades in the South East Asia region demanding the immediate release of all imprisoned Grup Yorum members and for worldwide autonomous actions to highlight the fascist nature of the Turkish state.

Grup Yorum Cannot Be Silenced!

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Belarus: Video report about anarchist activity in 2016

Another year of political life ended in Belarus. As a collective, we want to thank all comrades who made actions, sent articles and reports to us, continued the struggle and didn’t turn from the path in spite of difficulties and repression. There will be new challenges and new victories in the new year. See you on the street!

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France: Attacks in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Damien Camelio


We publish here some attacks from France in solidarity with the anarchist comrade Damien Camelio, who has been held in custody since December 8, 2016 in Fleury.

Paris: Instead of lighting some candles..

Hello Damien,

We learned of your imprisonment and it made us angry.
In the early morning of the 26th of December, the day of your birthday, we walked through Passy (a rich neighborhood in Paris). To celebrate your birthday, we thought we’d better set light a luxury car such as a ‘Jaguar’ rather than some candles. We found one at the ‘rue Francisque Sarcey’. So now there is a bourgeois who moves on foot.
This is not only a contribution to the social war in front of the doors of the rich, but also a sign of solidarity for you, Damien, and for all other rebellious prisoners.

Freedom for everyone!
Fire to this world!

Some individuals among those who conspire in the dark.

Marseille (southern France): Attack on a bank branch

Marseille: Bang! Bang! Bang!

On the night of the 13th to the 14th of December, two ATMS of the banking branch ‘Caisse d’Epargne’ (Savings Bank) were destroyed in the ‘rue Bonnardel’ (third district).
We send a big solidarity greeting to the comrade who was arrested in Brittany during a wild demo last April and has been in prison for a week in the prison of Fleury.

Besançon (Eastern France): Four ATMs sabotaged

Besançon: Some well placed punches!

In solidarity with the comrade who was arrested a few days ago in Brittany and imprisoned in Fleury (on the outskirts of Paris) and who is accused of having participated in a liberating evening in Paris in April 2016.
On the night of December 14, fours ATMs were hammed at the ‘rue de Belfort’ in Besançon. The affected banks were LCL, La Poste, CIC and Crédit Agricole.
These destructive actions were also carried out in solidarity with the anarchists in Italy who were taken by Operation Scripta Manent as well as those who are currently being tried for the bank robbery in Aachen.

Neither guilty nor innocent!

For a solidarity offensive!

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Santiago, Chile: Arson attack against a luxury car dealership


During the morning of January 7 at about 02:00AM an anonymous person emerged from a vehicle and threw an incendiary device that exploded and caused a fire inside the Larruy car dealership located in the wealthy commune of Las Condes on Manquehe Avenue south.

The fire managed to expand and fully incinerate five luxury cars, causing damages of about 100 million pesos.

Firefighters arrived quickly at the scene to extinguish the fire that engulfed the luxury cars, along with the police who began making expert assessments by watching the surveillance camera that captured the attack.

At the site no leaflets were found and so far no group has claimed responsibility for the incendiary attack.

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity mural for the Revolutionary Struggle comrades in Greece


Received on 14.01.16:

On January 5th 2017, fugitive Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were arrested in Athens. Anti-terror cops raided a home with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested nearby.

Both women are members of Revolutionary Struggle, an anarchist guerrilla organisation which has waged war on capital and the state for the past decade.

As a minimum response to the capture of our comrades, some anarchists in Sydney painted a solidarity mural.

Solidarity with the prisoners of the social war.
For the annihilation of every prison.

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