Greece: Regarding the Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


It’s been years now that the various state agencies of repression order the conduct of investigation under the sole criterion the suspects’ political status. This is the status of the anarchist, mainly of the one who turns his/her ideas into actions, of the one that arms his/her desires and attacks state authority. So each investigation has to do with the possible prosecution of comrades according to the laws of their “democracy.” Police prosecution that starts off with texts and extends to all possible actions is not new among the anarchist circles. On the contrary, there is a past record on relative prosecutions in countries such as Italy, Chile etc. where there is a strong comrade presence promoting direct action and intervention.

The common goal of contemporary international police is the prevention of anarchist propaganda, anarchist action and the spreading of our ideas. For this reason, in many cases they don’t even hesitate to put aside the refined mask of “democracy” that supposedly allows “freedom of speech and ideas.” And thus, any illusion that anyone may still hold is withdrawn.

Things are now clear: “anarchist action or speech is either illegal or nothing at all!” The new form of repression is currently being practiced upon many of our prisoners that find themselves under illegal restrain with accusations based on their political identity and having taken up the political responsibility for their actions as well as their organizations’. It is certain that in the future this strategy of preventive repression, of persecutions with the maximum of penalties, the fast track trials as well as the effort for isolation and silence, will be implemented everywhere, or at least they will try to: apart from our prisoners, it will be attempted on anarchist hangouts and self-organized places that defend and propagate the anarchist values.

Alongside with the most recent trials they are the dress rehearsal for the new doctrine that the state desires to set into effect. The new way of repression is basically an update of previous doctrines which establishes the preventative repression of subversive speech for our prisoners. The production and distribution of practical manuals for action or texts promoting the anarchist urban guerilla warfare will be treated as “terrorist actions” incurring years of imprisonment. State power seeks to measure thus the reactions and the silences, and as long as we remain silent these practices will continue to upgrade. All of these form the chains of repression and silence of anarchist discourse.

The fact is that in recent years the names of those arrested for anarchist action are similar in volume with the names in the pages of a telephone directory. The arrests, the prosecutions, the imprisonments, the convictions, outline due to their frequency a relatively common condition. The state implements the shock strategy, seeking to create an accepted reality where no one will ever wonder or feel surprised by what happens. Imagine that a few years ago we could not conceive the prosecution of some imprisoned anarchists for their texts. Today state power tries to establish a wilderness of reactions within the entire competitive movement. But we should insist on speaking out and taking action.

We know that our anarchist words may not address the many, but we know that there are still people who do not conform, or wait until the next riot to express their intentions, spending the intervals in a stand-by state and idleness. Besides, anarchist action has no start or end date, on the contrary it pours out all year long. These are the people we call out and look for; the ones who will hear the voice of our prisoners and spread it as much as they can making the nights of the rotten and diseased society most exciting, bearing gasoline fumes, rage and anger.

They are the comrades who don’t forget our comrades within the cells and regardless of the tendency they follow, they believe in the insurrectional power and find themselves on the threshold of taking action.

The words of our prisoners that escape prisons, attempt to break the simple “paper wall” of texts and translate themselves into actions. It is a way to communicate with our brothers and sisters, not only here in Greece, but also internationally for the support and spreading of their voice and show the state that they are not alone. To all the judicial fury unleashed upon them, our voice is our weapon and the concrete solidarity that we can express towards them is the bullet in the brains of state power. From what it seems from the inside, and along with our concrete solidarity from the outside, they will take into consideration and be worried about the spreading of anarchist discourse. We really want to confirm their concerns. Hence we do everything in our power to achieve it. That’s why we won’t stop taking action, as long as we breathe. Because memory is a well-sharpened razor. Because anarchist discourse is the essence of life that we define through actions. And we repeat it so that they don’t have the slightest doubt.


This is who we are, nothing more, nothing less.



Make your voice a weapon

From the radio broadcast  ‘Tidings Objector’ and ‘Bullet in the Brains of Power’ of the anarchist / antiauthoritarian online radio Radiofragmata

(via Radiofragmata)

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Santiago, Chile: Anti-prison march in solidarity with imprisoned comrades, 25.08.16


The prisons are centers for extermination of the poor and those who fight against this system!

Today there are more than 40 political and social fighters imprisoned by the state of Chile and more than 80 social fighters have been killed since democracy.
The real criminals are directing states and companies and they are the ones who rape, torture and murder in police stations and prisons and kill civilians daily in their wars.

We do not forget Luis Alvial, murdered by the guards at the prison in Chillán on August 17, 2016; and the 81 who were murdered in San Miguel prison on December 8, 2010.

All the fighters who fell in the struggle against this system, PRESENT!!
Freedom to all revolutionaries worldwide imprisoned by the state terrorists!!

(via Contra Info)

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Narrm / Melbourne: Graffiti for the Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Received on 29.08.16:

Slogans painted around inner-city Narrm / Melbourne,  so-called ‘Australia’ as a minimum contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (August 23-30).

Victory to the anarchist fighters!
Solidarity with all combative anarchist prisoners!
Destroy the prison society!

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Greece: A contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Received on 29.08.16:

Contribution to the international call for solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist comrades (August 23-30)

As a contribution to the international call for solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist comrades (August 23-30), and as a denotation of support to the recently arrested and imprisoned comrades K. Sakkas and M. Seisidis, we hung 2 banners and wrote slogans in Athens, and we hung a banner in Volos.

”There are people unknown to you that watch you from the shadows, while you haunt the anarchists, and they wait for the favorable moment to haunt the haunters on their turn.”


Initiative of individuals from ‘Ochetos’

Original Greek language text

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Athens, Greece: Announcement from Notara 26 refugee housing squat about the attack on August 24



On Wednesday August 24th at 3:45 a.m. the Housing Squat for Refugees and Migrants Notara 26 received an incendiary attack. The acting method of the arsonists we consider to be a clear murderous act, organised with the goal to cause – apart from the serious material damage – also loss of human lives. The timing of this cowardly act was chosen during August, when as the arsonists believed the reflexes of the solidarity movement would be sluggish. In vain though…

After the attack with molotov and gas-bottle bombs the safeguard of the refugees and the assistance of the solidarity acted immediately, using the fire extinguishers of the squat. The over 130 lives that where seriously endangered where saved solely by the immediate reaction of the total of the residents, of the solidarity and the neighbours of the squat, as well as with the participation of the fire department – although it derogatively characterised the Notara 26 squat as a storage in its press release, implying that no people where resident at the location.

This particular event is one link in the long chain of attacks against the migrant squats, refugees, as well as the free social spaces, which consists of a cooperation of state and parastate – where the first acts using the law (Orphanage, Nikis squat, Hurriya) and the second with the usual mafia practices (Vancouver, Avtonomo Steki, Zaimi, Analipsi, Kaniggos) – targeting the solidarity movement.

After the first months of humanitarian mentions in the media about the drama of the refugees and migrants, the emerging reaction of xenophobia and racism radically changed the position of the mainstream mass media and the state, from a “friendly” approach to the matter to one of phobic confrontation of the solidairs and them being targeted unambiguously.

Such actions are incapable of terrorising our solidarity! The fascist scum who prowl in the darkness are very well aware of the consequences they’ll suffer. Their racism has no social basis. It is expressed only in cowardly actions characteristic of the underworld, as a rule uncompleted and failed in the end. Our rage against the state and its terror mechanisms strengthens us and arms us with persistence. Our projects will continue to exist and multiply, housing the damned of the world and frontally crushing fascism where society is active. Our movement creates the necessary cracks in the imposed normality of the state, the media and their fascist goons.

For the last 11 months we, the solidairs and refugees of the Housing Squat for Refugees and Migrants Notara 26, act together according to the foundations of equality, solidarity and horizontal operation in a common day to day struggle for a better life, away and overcoming separations of any kind. Almost 5000 refugees and migrants have passed through the squat, where with the values of self-organisation and self-management, and despite the adversities, the needs for housing, food, education, legal representation, health care and entertainment where covered. A solidarity which is realised continuously from everyone together.

In response to this incendiary action everyone, individuals and collectives, are called to actively support the solidarity projects, thus giving a vigorous answer to the attempted terror regime of the state and the fascists.

Everyone at the demonstration on Monday, 29/08/2016, 6 p.m., at Propilea (Panepistimio metro station)


P.S.: As for the smiles of the cops on the corners, we return them! Notara 26 is alive and will remain standing!

Open Assembly of the Squat NOTARA 26
Athens, 25/08/2016

(via Mpalothia and Notara 26)

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Turkey: Anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan on hunger strike for 37 days


25.08.16: Istanbul branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD) has held a press conference about the situation of anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan, who is on hunger strike at the Yenişakran prison in İzmir-Aliağa since 37 days.

“Anarchist prisoners are not alone”

Aslan’s lawyer Gökhan Soysal mentioned that his client’s health conditions are getting worse everyday and that he will visit Aslan at the first opportunity.

Mercan Doğan, from Meydan anarchist newspaper said that Aslan went on indefinite hunger strike because of his political identity not being recognized and his demands are not being accepted. Doğan also said “It is the 37th day of the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike. It is medically certain that irrecoverable health problems can occur when somebody goes on a hunger strike for this long. Aslan’s health situation will become more critical with each passing day” and added that it is the prison management who will be responsible for what happens.

Remarking on the rise of torture and mistreatment of the prisoner after the state of emergency was declared, Doğan said “The management of  the prison does not recognize the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike of Aslan. None of his petitions about this issue are being answered. Thus juridical solidarity of lawyers are being prevented.”

Doğan, in conclusion demanded recognition of Aslan’s hunger strike by the prison management and terminated saying “Anarchist prisoners are not alone, Revolutionary hearts will destroy the cells.”

(via Özgür Gelecek)


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Chile: Anarchist prisoner Juan Flores accused of planning escape and moved to maximum security


On August 13 the comrade Juan Flores was transferred during an operation by prison guards from Santiago Prison 1 to the High Security Prison (CAS) along with Enrique Guzman. Both comrades are defendants in the so-called ‘Bombs Case 2’.

The reason for the surprise transfer was the supposed dismantling of an ‘escape plane’ following the discovery of a drawing in comrade Juan’s cell depicting a prison being attacked.

The comrade’s legal team took action resulting in Juan being transferred back to Santiago 1. Comrade Enrique will remain in the maximum security section of the CAS.

The prison guards’ fear reveals their clumsy powerlessness when faced with unyielding convictions.

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated into English by Insurrection News)

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