5 Points Against Waiting For the Next Big Demo


Autonomous initiative is the life blood of anarchy.

Without individuals dreaming, scheming, and turning their thoughts into action, nothing happens. Protest organizers are not special; they imagine a situation they want to bring to life and invite others to help them make it happen. The same is true for any anarchist endeavor involving more than one person. Gardens, attacks, fundraisers, occupations, bands, they’re all the result of people deciding to make their own realities. The constant process of thinking and acting without being told what to do is what makes anarchy possible. Some people call this autonomy, and without it anarchy is impossible.

Waiting for protests places the responsibility to take action on others.

As anarchists, we reject the notion that others are responsible for making our lives how we want them to be. We know better than to trust our leaders to fulfill our needs and desires. We have to make what we want ourselves. When we wait for protests instead of doing what we want, we pass along the responsibility of meeting our needs to organizers, marshals, activists, or whoever else is planning the next big thing. If we are going to practice self-determination, we can’t let ourselves be carried by the current of the next protest.

Waiting for protests centralizes our power.

There is an infinite number of ways we can be powerful; the struggle is multi-form. We can build our capacity to live and support one another, we can sharpen our analysis to better understand and fight authority, we can gain confidence and learn new skills, we can attack what keeps us from freedom. When we drop our projects to look forward to the next march, we limit our power to only one form.

Waiting for protests means only acting with police and liberals.

All the big protests guarantee two things: police and liberals. Police are paid to maintain the social peace, and liberals are more than willing to try to maintain it for free. These people are less than ideal company for creative rebels. Certainly some things can still happen with them around, but usually much less – why try to do with them around what we can do without them any other day? This isn’t a call to abandon marches and rallies altogether, but instead to do things outside of and alongside them when that makes more sense.

Waiting for protests is waiting.

It can never be repeated enough” “the secret is to really begin”. When we put off taking the actions we know are necessary to create the lives we want, free of domination, we add to the inertia of inaction that we are fighting against. Anarchy is not just a distant horizon to be achieved after the revolution, it is also every moment of freedom lived in the here and now.

(via Anathema, Volume 3, Issue 9)

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Melbourne, Australia: Sex Workers Sabotage Rad-Fem Office to Mark International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

sw 17 dec

Received on 18.12.17:

As our contribution to a global campaign marking International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, activist whores in so-called Melbourne, Australia, undertook an action to raise awareness of the discrimination, marginalisation and criminalisation we experience.

Among other issues, our communities are susceptible to intersecting systemic marginalisation manifesting as:

– assault and extortion by State institutions (police/ military/ judiciary);
– stigma and discrimination from ‘upright citizens’ (e.g. neighborhood vigilante groups);
– ostracism which impacts upon those close to us (including our children and intimate partners).

Similarly, we are misrepresented in the mainstream media by stale narratives depicting us as hapless victims, softhearted and misguided Pretty Woman-esq naifs, gold diggers, or drug addled vectors of disease. With the exception of our own media, whores are never depicted as the loud, proud, strong, savvy, independent, and engaged people so many of us really are.

On whore instigated days of action such as 17 December, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, our communities create their own spaces to celebrate and reflect upon the shared histories of activism and political engagement we have experienced, challenging dominant stereotypes in the process.

Many sex workers choose 17 December to hold vigils and remembrance ceremonies for our friends who have passed as a direct result of government policies that continue to alienate and criminalise us. However, this year a group of whores in so-called Melbourne focused our energies on the radical feminist milieu who actively perpetuate stereotypes of sex workers as, at best, victims, and most offensively, as ‘foot soldiers of patriarchy’. Local adherents to outdated rad-fem ideological tendencies directly contribute to legislation and policy which fetishises migrant sex workers, condemns trans sex workers, and infantilises street based workers. Under the guise of ‘supporting’ sex workers, Project Respect, the rad-fem front-group, serves only to silence and dis-empower sex workers.

Project Respect, whose aims and objectives closely reflect those of right-wing, abolitionist Christians, explicitly misrepresents itself as a space and voice for sex workers, a claim we vehemently refute. In targeting Project Respect we wished to convey strongly that, as whores, we are actively engaged politically and are highly capable of organising our own safer spaces. We have a ferocious ability to speak for ourselves – we don’t want or need saviors! We recognise rad-fem attitudes towards sex work as ideological violence, which, reflected in State policy, attributes to actual manifestations of various forms of violence against our communities.

Our action, which we dedicated to whores who have lost their lives and freedom in challenging State oppression, involved re-painting and sabotaging the Project Respect office. It’s locks were super-glued, and the message, “Respect Sex Workers as Doctors and Teachers- we heal, we educate”, was spray-painted in close proximity to the office entrance, on the walls of Fitzroy Council building (whose Councillors include Project Respect co-founder and prominent Greens Party rad-fem careerist viper, Kathleen Maltzhan).

Sex workers in so-called Melbourne will continue to engage in activism which challenges patriarchal and kyriarchic systems that perpetuate our own oppression, and those experienced by other marginalised and minority communities. Sex workers are part of the anti-capitalist struggle against racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism, colonialism, and militarism. We extend our solidarity to those across the globe also working toward a future of autonomy, liberty, and freedom.

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Athens, Greece: Solidarity Fundraiser for an Anarchist Prisoner Arrested on the 6th of December


Received on 17.12.17:

On the night of the 6th of December a comrade was arrested during the demo and he is now accused of throwing molotov cocktails at the cops. He is now facing years in prison if he doesn’t pay the 3000 euro fine he got sentenced to by the justice. He doesn’t have the money to pay the 3000 euro bail. So we are gonna throw a solidarity party next weekend to try to raise money for the case but we are scared that there wont be enough money to be able to avoid prison for him. During the court he told the scum of a judge that he was an anarchist and that he was in Exarcheia to defend the neighborhood against the presence of the police who are only serving the interests of the rich capitalists and who are constantly attacking the poor. We need to raise the money before the 24th of December otherwise our comrade will go back to prison. We are people from the squat Rosa de Foc, we are anarchists and we need your help.To find out more information about the squat and our politics visit https://rosadefoc.noblogs.org/about-us/

To join us solidaritygreece6december2017@riseup.net

We created a paypal account so people can support him

Fire to the prisons!
Long live the international anarchist movement!

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Valparaíso, Chile: Barricades and Clashes outside Playa Ancha University for Black December


7 years since the massacre at San Miguel prison…
4 years since Sebastian Oversluij fell in combat…


Today, there are 81 reasons to fight, 81 reasons to subvert order and confront their lackeys, to remind the masses of sheep of their complicit actions, because we do not forget, because we do not forgive.*


With the anarchist, Angry Pelao and the Brujo (Sorcerer)**, present in every revolt, in every street clash, we went out to sharpen the gestures of memory and solidarity with the prisoners in a confrontational and permanent war against the State, patriarchy and capital, therefore we send a warm and complicit embrace to the comrades Juan and Nataly who are being judged by the power in the so-called ‘Bombs Case 2’, and to the comrades who are in the sights of power and the press in Valparaíso for the case of May 21st.

In the same way, we show solidarity with every insurgent in revolt…

Until solidarity becomes a weapon!!

*Notes from Insurrection News – Refers to the San Miguel Prison Massacre that occurred on December 8th, 2010 in which 81 prisoners died in a fire due to chronic overcrowding and neglect by the prison authorities

**The Brujo refers to anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado, murdered by the Argentine State.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)


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USA: Black December – Memory Is A Weapon


“As to the seventy-five years I am not really worried, not only because I am in the habit of not completing sentences or waiting on parole or any of that nonsense but also because the state simply isn’t going to last seventy-five or even fifty years” – Kuwasi Balagoon, December 9, 1983

“To my friends and supporters to help them make sense of all these events that have happened so quickly. Certain human cultures have been waging war against the Earth for millennia. I chose to fight on the side of bears, mountain lions, skunks, bats, saguaros, cliff rose and all things wild. I am just the most recent casualty in that war. But tonight I have made a jail break – I am returning home, to the Earth, to the place of my origins” – William “Avalon” Rodgers, December 21, 2005

Memory is a weapon – one we too often neglect to brandish in our battles. It is easy, trapped as we are in the tides of progress, to forget what and who came before us, who burned paths that serve now as trail markers for insurgents.To forget is to be lost in a forest. To forget is to have no history.

The act of remembering is a defiant gesture. Against our lobotomization by technology. Against the sterilization of history by the state’s schools. Against the pacification of revolutionary lives by official history and its narratives of progress. Against the amnesia that would erase the examples of those who paid for freedom with their lives. To begin to fight this society, its rotten authority, and its poisonous ideologies, we should first remember.

December hangs heavy upon us, but also lights inextinguishable fires.

We mourn Alexandros Grigoropoulos, 15 year old anarchist murdered by police in December 2008 in Athens, whose death set off weeks of open war against the Greek state.

We grieve for Sebastián Oversluij – “Angry” – irrepressible anarchist killed on December 11, 2013 by a bank’s paid dog while attempting to expropriate money in Santiago, Chile.

We seethe with rage over the December 1986 prison death of Kuwasi Balagoon – former Black Panther, soldier in the Black Liberation Army, and New Afrikan anarchist.

We burn the night to call forth the spirit of William “Avalon” Rodgers, earth liberationist who committed suicide on the 2005 Winter Solstice while in jail on charges of bringing fire to the pillagers of the wild.

To honor these fighters, we do not just cry. We do not merely fold our hands and lament the brutality of the state against our comrades. We do not flinch in fear over their deaths. We act. We keep alive their struggles by continuing to fight. Whatever our means, whatever our context: through intransigent revolt our comrades’ hearts still beat.

For Alexandros & Angry

For Kuwasi & Avalon

For all things wild, peace by piece

(via Plain Words)

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Argentina: Immediate Freedom for Susana Vidal, Library Teacher & Tireless Fighter Against all kinds of Injustice (Esp/Eng)

Recibido en 16.12.17:

*Libertad inmediata a Susana Vidal, docente bibliotecaria e incansable luchadora contra todo tipo de injusticia*

La compañera Susana además es delegada de Ademys y cayó detenida en la madrugada de hoy mientras se manifestaba solidarizándose con uno de los detenidos producto de la brutal represión ejecutada por el gobierno en el día de ayer, cuando el pueblo salió a luchar combativamente contra la reforma previsional. Junto con Susana detuvieron a 3 compañeros más.


Received on 16.12.17:

*Immediate freedom for Susana Vidal, library teacher and tireless fighter against all kinds of injustice*

The comrade Susana is also a delegate of Ademys (teachers union in Buenos Aires) and was arrested in the early hours of the morning while demonstrating solidarity with one of the detainees as a result of the brutal repression carried out by the government yesterday, when the people came out to fight combatively against the reform pension. Together with Susana, they detained 3 more comrades.

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Thessaloniki, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) for Black December (Eng/Esp)


We live in a world in which all aspects of our lives are surrounded by the technological system. The social relationships that are realized through computers and mobile phones are far removed from real life. Each and every one of us are monitored daily in every corner of the city by cameras, located via the signal emitted by ourmobile phones and archived via fingerprints and DNA samples. This is designed to turn each person into a number registered in a database so that they are a predictable and safe pawn of the rotten system.

Our aim is for a world of rebellious individuals who take their lives into their own hands, realizing their desire for rebellion and freedom.

So we returned to attack the telecommunications company OTE, continuing our anti-technology campaign.
At dawn on December 14th, we placed an incendiary device in the OTE antenna system in Seych Sou.

We see solidarity as a weapon in the conflict against the State and Capital, and this is why we are responding to attacks by repressive States against the anarchists who attack the objectives of power.

Solidarity with the anarchist Salvatore Vespertino, who was imprisoned on August the 3rd in Florence and accused of having bombed a fascist bookstore based on DNA evidence.
Solidarity with the anarchist Dinos Yatzoglou who was arrested on the morning of October the 28th in Athens and accused of sending parcel bombs.

Death to the State.

For a Black December, for Anarchy.

Anarchist Cell – Destruction of the Existent 

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)


Grecia: Ataque incendiario por un Diciembre Negro

Vivimos en un mundo en el que todos los aspectos de nuestras vidas están rodeados por el sistema tecnológico. Las relaciones sociales que se logran a través de computadoras y teléfonos móviles están lejos de la vida real. Todas y cada una de ellas son monitoreadas diariamente en cada rincón de la ciudad por cámaras, ubicadas a través de la señal
emitida por teléfonos móviles, archivados a través de huellas dactilares y muestras de ADN. Este diseño busca convertir a cada persona en un número registrado en una base de datos para ser un peón predecible y seguro del podrido.

Nuestro objetivo es un mundo de individuos rebeldes que toman la vida en sus propias manos, dándose cuenta del deseo de rebelión y libertad.

Así que volvimos a atacar la compañía de telecomunicaciones (OTE), continuando nuestro propio plan anti-tecnología.
El 14 de diciembre, al amanecer, colocamos un dispositivo incendiario en el sistema de antenas de OTE en Seych Sou.

Vemos la solidaridad como un arma que tiene la cabeza puesta en el capital y el estado, y es por eso que estamos respondiendo a los ataques represivos de los estados contra los anarquistas que atacan los objetivos de poder.

Solidaridad con el anarquista Salvatore Vespertino, que fue encarcelado el 3 de agosto de 2017 en Florencia, y está acusado de haber bombardeado una librería fascista con pruebas de identificación de material genético.
Solidaridad con el anarquista Dinos Yatzoglou que fue arrestado en la mañana del 28 de octubre en Atenas y acusado de paquetes explosivos.

Muerte al estado.

Para un diciembre negro, por la anarquía.

 Núcleo anarquista “Destrucción de lo existente”.

(traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras)

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