Oaxaca, Mexico: Explosive-Incendiary Attack Against a Luxury Car Dealership In Memory of Punky Mauri by FAI-FRI


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 23.05.17:

Oaxaca Ungovernable: 8 years after the fall of Punky Mauri the offensive continues. Detonation of explosive-incendiary devices in a luxury car dealership.

Our dead are a fertilizer and a black seed of confrontation, nourishing the actuality of the revolt and remaining valid in every gesture that confronts authority. To spread and propagate the strength of their struggles and ideas is essential to nourish our present, to never forget and to promote a praxis of permanent insurrection.

Domination, as an ideology and praxis of power devastates life in all its spheres. The misery of daily life does not leave us indifferent. Although resignation is the departure of many and passivity is their safest refuge; every act of denial, of hostility, of disobedience to the imposed reality demonstrates to us that some people are still alive.

Our daily activity, our way of relating to each other, our passions and our reasoning emanate from each of us, from our indiviuality. Although we are committed to the construction of shared pleasures and we are desiring of other beings, the responsibility of our actions belongs to each individual.

Collectively or individually we will continue to attack. We choose to subvert the normality of a dismal society that is responsible for its progressive self-destruction. Faced with the apathy, the silence of the masses, and the social movements that betray and negotiate the blood of the dead. Faced with the destruction and looting of the territories and the condemnation to a non-living reality: street fighting, fire and transgression of the social peace.

On the morning of May 22, 2017, 8 years since the fall of Punky Mauri, we placed some explosive-incendiary devices in a luxury car dealership, effectively rendering useless several vehicles.

This is our battle cry to send strength to the compxs in clandestinity and the prisoners of the social war, and also to remember all those who have fallen.

We will continue to confront this reality by all possible means, using violence when we feel it is necessary and not leaving it solely in the hands of the State and its machinery of repression.

!Mauricio Morales presente!

A combative embrace for our companerx Fernando Bárcenas Castillo!

Fire to the prisons!

Long live anarchy!

Informal Anarchic Individualities


Oaxaca Ingobernable: A 8 años de la caída del Punky Mauri la ofensiva continua. COlocación de artegactos explosivo-incendiarios en concesionario de autos de lujo

Nuestrxs muertxs son abono y semilla negra de confontración, nutren la actualidad de la revuelta y permanecen vigentes en cada gesto que desborde la autoridad. Contagiar y propagar la fuerza de sus luchas e ideas es indispensable para nutrir nuestro presente, para no olvidar y potenciar una práctica permanente de insurrección.

La dominación, como ideología y práxis del poder devasta la vida en todos sus ámbitos. La miseria del cotidiano no nos deja indiferentes. Y aunque la resignación sea la salida de muchxs y la pasividad su refugio más seguro, cada acto de negación, de hostilidad, de desobediencia a lo impuesto nos demuestra que sigue habiendo personas vivas.

Nuestro hacer diario, nuestra forma de relacionarnos, nuestras pasiones y nuestra razón emanan de cada unx de nosotrxs, de nuestra individualidad. Aunque apostamos por la construcción de placeres compartidos y somos deseantes de otros seres la responsabilidad de nuestros actos es de cada unx.

Colectiva o individualmente seguiremos practicando el ataue. Optamos por subvertir la normalidad de una sociedad funesta que asume su progresiva autodestrucción.

Ante la apatía, el silencio de la masa, movimientos sociales que traicionan y negocian la sangre de los muertos. Ante la destrucción y despojo del terriotorio y la condena a una realidad de no-vida: lucha callejera, fuego y transgresión de la paza social.

En la madrugada del 22 de mayo de 2017, a 8 años de la caída del punky Mauri, hemos colocado unos artefactos explosivo incendiarios en un concesionario de autos de lujo, inutilizando varios de ellos.

Este grito de combate para mandar fuerza a lxs compas clandestinxs y a lxs presxs de la guerra social, también como recuerdo a todxs los caídxs.

Seguiremos enfrentando esta realidad de todas las maneras posibles, adoptando la violencia cunado veamos necesario y no dejándola únicamente en manos del Estado y su maquinaria represiva.

!Mauricio Morales presente!

!Abrazo combativo para nuestro compañer Fernando Bárcenas Castillo!

!Fuego a las cárceles!

!Viva la anarquía!

Individualidades Anárquicas Informales

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Greece: Attack against Nafpaktos Police Station in solidarity with Tasos Theofilou & all imprisoned comrades


21.05.17: At 5:00 today about 10 people attacked Nafpaktos Police Station as a sign of solidarity with Tasos Theofilou and all imprisoned comrades.
First the guards outside and the cop’s cars were attacked with stones and then Molotovs were thrown at the building.

The cops locked themselves inside the police station and were heard cursing out loud.

No comrades were detained or charged.

(via Γενικη Απεργια Διαρκειας τωρα, translated by Insurrection News)

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Athens, Greece: 13th hearing – Provocative questions highlight the political nature of Tasos Theofilou’s trial


Sylvia and Giant reporting for OmniaTV from the 13th hearing of the appeals trial of imprisoned anarchist communist comrade Tasos Theofilou. Translated into English for Insurrection News by BlackCat, with thanks to ΚαρβουΝινα for their assistance. 

The 13th hearing started with the testimonies of the final two defence witnesses.

Aris Sirinidis stated that he wanted to come as a defence witness since he managed to identify similarities between his own trial and that of Tasos Theofilou. The witness had been charged with homicide attempt against police officers and the only evidence police held against him was a DNA sample collected from a mask. It was later proven that the mask was not even on the crime scene. Sirinidis says that he thinks the same method was followed by the police on this case as well, since there is a hat the police claims contains biological material identical to Theofilou.

Sirinidis: ” I was acquitted despite the fact that I was in jail for 15-16 months and this affected my family and I to a great extent”.

(Aris Sirinidis was brought to court facing charges for firing shots against a riot squad van in July 2009 in Exarcheia. At first the police attempted to connect him to an armed robbery, but that could not go through so they extended his detention without any evidence. Then, they just picked an unsolved case involving  gunshots against a police van in 2009 and charged Sirinidis as a suspect. The only incriminating evidence against him was a DNA sample on a surgical mask which was found on the ground a few streets away from the crime scene)

The witness stated emphatically: ”I undestand the need to restore justice when a human life was lost so unfairly, but not the need to use what happened to commit another injustice, to destroy  Tasos Theofilou”.

”It is very common for anarchists to face trials through schemes of the police (…). Those  same courts, with their rulings, have proven that the processes followed by the police are nothing but schemes. There were courts that went against those schemes and there are numerous examples, the ”robbers in black” scenario is actually one of them, where trumped up charges caused smear campaigns and prosecutions against innocent people that were ongoing for years. Then judges came along and said ”No these cases should have not even appeared in court”. ”

Sirinidis spoke on how mainstream media creates a climate that becomes crucial for the outcome of trials. He also focused on the effect of this climate on the victims’ families. The press and the television tend to portray arrested anarchists as guilty. This kind of press aims to create a climate of terror. This is how mainstream media treated Theofilou’s case and it is only natural for the family to be inclined to perceive the defendant as guilty despite the complete lack of evidence against him.

The final defence witness was a  journalist named Petros Giotis.

Mr. Giotis said that he knows of Theofilou through his writing and his testimony was comprised of a comparative analysis that examines whether Theofilou could be a member and identify with the CCF on an ideological level. The witness stressed that the defendant could have never be a member of the CCF.

Giotis: Theofilou is an anarchist-communist, something that is clear in his writing style and his blog posts, not only in what he authored following his arrest, but in things he wrote a long time before that. His political identity is not something he came up with following the charges he faced, it was not something he created to highlight his ideological difference from the CCF. Firstly, would anyone planning to commit a robbery make a blog in order to leave his traces behind? There are texts by Karl Marx and US communist and civil rights activist Angela Davis. Is there any chance these texts would be promoted by the CCF? It is not possible. There is an ideological, political and expressive cohesion in the texts he authored before and after the incident on Paros. For example, Theofilou claims being anarchist-communist and says: ”I am an anarchist communist, I love life as much as I love freedom, lets fight to demolish the prisons within which thousands of people remain  buried alive, lets fight for social liberation, lets join the struggle to liberate our class from the power of the capital”. On the other hand the CCF writes: ”We are hostile toward the hand that holds the whip as much as the back that passively endures each strike”. On one hand there is this notion of ”the liberation of our class” and on the other hand the CCF saying that the one who holds the whip and its victim are the same. ”We are anarcho-individualists and nihilists and we know that our struggle is that of a minority”. They differ like day and night. Theofilou speaks about class, social and labour rights. The CCF on the other hand  does not recognize anything, it does not recognize these as forms of struggle. Theofilou is still in court and is obliged to get into a process to defend himself. The CCF members say, we do not recognize any court, we do not defend ourselves within that system. The style of the CCF texts entail a hostility of expression, which is consistent with the ideological and political climate of the organization, their expression is not as refined. In contrast, Theofilou’s texts show a reflective style of writing and he avoids the use of adjectives which is a literary virtue. In contrast the CCF’s texts exhibit a strong use of adjectives. Theofilou’s style is literary, it is not attempting to become literary. There is also an ideological code among anarchists. If Theofilou was a member of the CCF he would have admitted to that just like all the members of the organization have done so far. ”

Mr Giotis, based on his experience as a journalist, referred to the known collaboration of mainstream media and the antiterrorism police:

”It has now become common practice to charge arrested anarchists as members of the CCF. The press publishes information leaked by the anti-terrorism police which the media proliferates in order to construct a climate of terrorism. When I read the articles on the Paros robbery all titles in the press revolved around ”A scent of terrorism on Paros”. Based on my experience, I could see that the perpetrators were not connected to the political movement the police were seeking to establish a connection to. The use of violence was never a trait of this political space. There are countless examples of anarchists’ arrests, where police officers shoot into a crowd and anarchists never fire back even when they have guns in order to avoid injuring citizens. When I found out about the anonymous tip I was sure that a suspect had been selected from a ”suspect pool” the anti-terrorism police maintains and the police were trying to blame the robbery on him. (…) The phone calls are a lie. This scenario is fake. It’s impossible not to have a call recognition system installed in the anti-terrorism police HQ, it is  impossible not to keep records but to build cases against suspects based on anonymous tips. It is incomprehensible and not believable at all that an entire anti-terrorism unit does not have a call recognition system, which is something we all have in our homes, which is something companies have when they tell you the call is recorded, and the anti-terrorism police are claiming they have no such equipment (…). ”

Moreover, he stressed a fact which had raised questions since the beginning of the trial: when Theofilou was arrested the police put a stop on investigating the case any further. No investigative articles appeared in the press either, regarding the robbery or other suspects.

Next was Tasos Theofilou’s plea which you will read in a future blog post.

When Tasos’ plea ended, the judges proceeded to questions:

Presiding Judge: You state that you are anarchist communist, what does that mean exactly in two words.

Theofilou: It is not easy to define using two words.

Presiding Judge: Yes, we heard a lot so far, but what does mean?

Theofilou: I am a member of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian milieu, I am committed to materializing the anarchist-communist vision. That means a society without authority.

Presiding Judge: Tell me about your arrest, where did they arrest you?

Theofilou: I was coming back from Lamia on the 18th of August and took the subway in order to get off at Gazi, and anyway wanted to spend some time in Theseio.

Presiding: Were you expecting someone?

Theofilou: I was not expecting, I was going to a meeting which was going to take place in about an hour.

Presiding Judge: What happened next?

Theofilou: Some people jumped through the bushes, it was impressive how well hidden they were.

Presiding Judge: Where there people around?

Theofilou: No, it was dead. It was August (…)

Presiding Judge: What happened next?

Theofilou: They came onto me. I was trying to make sense of what was going on and I was told ”make a move and we are going to kill you, we are going to shoot you right there” (points at his temple). I was handcuffed, put in a car. Marinopoulos (anti-terrorism cop) informed me that I had ruined his summer.

Presiding Judge: Did you have any idea of what was going on?

Theofilou: When I saw Marinopoulos…

Presiding Jusge: What did you think? Had you seen Marinopoulos before?

Theofilou: But yes, he kept appearing right in front of me.

Presiding Judge: So you had this sense that you were being followed?

Theofilou: Yes, yes (…)

Presiding Judge: Let me ask you something else, because your plea answered most of my questions. So many people saw you in August back then, why did you not say this right away?

Theofilou: I told you, not only I did not want to say anything, but I did not want them to find out in any way.

Presiding Judge: Why, because the charges you were facing were in connection to the CCF?

Theofilou: There was no basis for this count, I did not know which mechanism they had enabled exactly and what they were hoping to achieve (…)

Presiding Judge: Were you worried about the immigrants’ centre?

Theofilou: Yes, terror prevailed and you try to stay calm and think reasonably and wait until they finish with the charges and see what they want, do they want you, or someone else? To understand, to see what is happening, and when the time comes…

Presiding Judge: Are you saying they might have wanted to connect other people with the CCF?

Theofilou: Yes, of course.

After the presiding judge, the prosecutor followed with less hostility than was expected and her questions were restricted on his address, the reasons behind his move to Lamia and the findings in his home.

Prosecutor: We found a laminator in your house in Lamia. What were you using it for?

Theofilou: I worked as a graphic designer.

Prosecutor: A fingerless glove was found in your home in Lamia, was it yours?

Theofilou: If it was found there, then it’s mine.

Prosecutor: Why did you have it? People buy normal sized gloves and throw away the ones that have been ripped. Were you going to use it?

Theofilou: The glove? I might have. I don’t think it’s strange to have a fingerless glove. This kind of gloves exist. If you do not want to leave your finger prints then the entire finger must be covered not the other way around.

The prosecutor focused on Theofilou’s short story titled ”Murderers” and asked him about the plot. For some reason the prosecutor became obsessed with this short story which she mentioned often. We have already seen her tendency to criminalize books based on their titles and categorize them on whether they seem suspicious or not.

The hearing came to an end with questions posed from one of the appellate judges who attempted to find inconsistencies in Theofilou’s plea and literally asked him to apologize for his political ideology.

Appellate Judge: The witnesses who appeared in court said that you initially told them not to come forward as witnesses in order to avoid having the immigrants’ centre targeted. During your plea you mentioned that you did that because you did not want to inform the anti-terrorism police of your witnesses since you did not know how they were going to use that information. Which of the two is the truth?

(The audience murmured in surprise  ”But, it’s the same thing!”)

Theofilou: If you could clarify where exactly you identified an inconsistency, I would gladly answer. (…) Why are you degrading the public hearing process? Or is it that processes in interrogators’ offices, behind closed doors, have a special kind of value?

Following the prosecutor’s failed attempt to locate something that could be deemed practically punishable, the appellate judge proceeded to the examination of the political and social belief system held by Theofilou, by asking questions that brought to mind another era, which clearly prove the political dimension of this trial.

Appellate Judge: Do you believe in social liberation?

Theofilou: Yes.

Appellate Judge: How do you see this happen in real life?

Theofilou: In order for me to answer this question you first must admit that this trial is political.

Appellate Judge: You mentioned this in your plea during the trial of first instance as well as today, you mentioned that you believe in equality, in a kind of justice that is not controlled by media owners or financial and political bosses. How do you connect these in practice? How could your ideology be applied in practice?

Theofilou: Could you be more specific? Because I can see what you are trying to get out of this so you must be more specific and I will give you the answer that you want.

Appellate Judge: How could social liberation be achieved? How could your ideology be applied in order to have an equality and liberation that is financial, media-related, social and political?

Theofilou: In order to get to the point where we have the kind of justice that you represent and itself represents and serves the interests and the ideology of the capital, tons of blood and ink have been spilled. If you want to extract the answer that this subversion will happen violently, then yes that is how it will become possible.

Appellate Judge: Is this what you are saying now?

Theofilou: Yes, nevertheless, there is no connection between this and the charges I am facing. Also, it is crucial how this violence is exercised, where it is targeted and why, with what organization. Because all the counts I was charged with are not related to the violence that I believe is necessary.

Appellate Judge: At the beginning of your plea you said that political executions cannot be devalued. While in other instances, for you, taking away a life is as condemnable as it is in the penal code.  So, I get to the conclusion that you separate human life in two categories: that which is executable for political purposes and some other kind of taking a life?

Theofilou: No, what I said is that some cases can be judged on a moral basis and others can’t.

Appellate Judge: So, taking a life…

Theofilou: So when Mr. Panagoulis attempted to murder G. Papadopoulos (note:dictator), he cannot be called a murderer but a hero. Had he managed to kill him he would have been a hero twice.

Appellate Judge: So for your taking a life is…

Theofilou: absolutely unethical, when we talk about the political dimension of it though is something entirely different.

In the next hearing we are expecting a proposition by the prosecutor and possibly the oration of the civil suit counsel.

The 14th hearing was on the 15th of May.

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Santiago, Chile: Sale el número 20 del boletín “La Bomba”

La Bomba 20

La violencia política anárquica continúa, aunque muchxs puedan pensar que esta se encuentra dormida, siempre esta ahí, resistiendo, buscando el momento preciso para hincar los dientes y desgarrar una entidad del Capital. Es así como para esta fecha recopilamos varias reivindicaciones de ataques de diversas envergaduras y un recuento por el Día del Joven Combatiente, acciones que marcan un continuo de Lucha Antiautoritaria.

En este boletín, añadimos certeros ataques sin reivindicación; Automotora Larruy, SII, Banco Chiguayante, amenazas de bomba etc. añadimos también las acciones del FLA y el FLT que continúan sin tregua y más. Estos gestos dejan sin duda una sonrisa cómplice en cada individualidad que se posiciona a favor de la destrucción de las estructuras del Estado.

Por otra parte, esta la bomba que estalló en el restaurant Cap Ducal (hemos dejado la adjudicación completa para tener una mayor claridad sobre este hecho y por supuesto para su provechosa lectura política), ataque que sacó ronchas -como no- a los militantes de la extrema derecha de esta mierda de país. Tras el atentado, la prensa online publicó imágenes de la policía visitando la sede de la UDI, largas horas de análisis del GOPE y un sin fin de comentarios y preocupaciones por parte de lxs dueñxs de Chile.

Como Individualidades Anárquicas creemos que es necesario la reflexión y el cuestionamiento ante la realidad infame y ante la lucha que se brinda contra la misma. De esta forma, apoyamos a los grupos de acción en Chile, extendiendo sus ideas y prácticas a través de esta pequeña publicación que se posiciona desde la vereda insurrecta contra el Capital y el Estado.

“La Bomba”, Por la expansión del Caos y la Anarquía.
Individualidades Anárquicas.
Abril 2017, Chile.

Descargar (PDF): 20 La Bomba 20

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Burn Down the American Plantation: Announcing the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Burn Down the American Plantation: Announcing the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

We are announcing the formation of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and putting out a call to all those seeking freedom, who are committed to abolishing slavery, and who desire liberation for all.

The United States was built on slavery, and despite the American Civil War, this oppression never ended. The abolitionist movement fought against this tyranny, but modern slavery and mass brutality persist unchecked.

Around the world, fascism is on the rise. The state has openly declared war on our communities, threatening to ethnically cleanse Latinos, criminalize Muslims, destroy indigenous land, and oppress the LGBTQ community, while continuing to murder and incarcerate black people.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement unequivocally states that the plantation system must be destroyed.

Today, the anarchist struggle, and anti-state feminism is on the rise, and authoritarian modes of resistance are now discredited.

The Revolution in Rojava in Northern Syria has set an exceptional standard. With a foundation in feminism, ecology, anti-state organizing, and armed struggle, it has actualized a revolution beyond 20th century nationalism. With the founding of groups like the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces, it is clear that this is the time for anarchist revolutionaries to act without hesitation.

We declare our solidarity with the international anti-fascist and anarchist struggle, and propose concrete steps in the struggle for abolitionism.

Revolutionary Abolitionists must fight hand in hand with those facing oppression. We intend to establish a new Underground Railroad to free people from bondage. By building revolutionary self-defense networks, connecting them to one another, and developing militant strategies in our neighborhoods, our network will create the capacity to destroy state power and defend our communities.

A new global paradigm for revolution has been established, to be taken up by dedicated revolutionaries, autonomous territories, guerrillas in armed struggle, and all those engaged in the global drive towards liberation and away from statehood, capitalism, patriarchy, and domination.

We call on anti-state groups to join the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and send this message to our comrades to help build the capacity to burn down the American plantation once and for all.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/revolutionaryabolitionistmovement/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RevAbolitionist

Contact: revolutionaryabolitionistmovement@protonmail.com

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity against repression in Copenhagen, Denmark

On May 17th police in Copenhagen raided 10 separate addresses arresting 25 people in all.

They are all facing heavy charges in relation to a riot in inner Copenhagen on March 1st 2017, on the ten-year anniversary of the eviction of Ungdomshuset, a long standing social centre within the far-left scene.

Four of the arrested have been remanded in prison. A number of solidarity noise demos have been called in response, outside the prison in Copenhagen.

On the other side of the world, in Sydney, some anarchists painted a mural in support of the arrested comrades.

No one hostage in the hands of the state.

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Athens, Greece, 18.05.17: Anarchists storm Parliament during the 2nd day of Anti-Austerity Riots

“We won’t live like slaves – The only lost battles are the ones that they have not been given”.

On Thursday 18 May 2017 thousands of people joined a 2nd day of protests following a general strike all over Greece on the day before, against the new harsh austerity measures of 4.9 billion euros incorporated in the 4th Memorandum signed by the greek government, aimed once again against the lower income classes rather, than the banks and the wealthy.

The self-proclaimed left government of SYRIZA in co-operation with the right wing party of ANEL have unleashed a new class war, this time specifically aimed against people with disability and pensioners that have worked all their lives and paid their share under the false notion -as it seems- that during the time when they will be most vulnerable, they would have free public health services and subsidies that would help them get by. On the contrary after 23(!) severe cuts in pensions and allowances during the 8 years of the financial crisis in Greece (amounting to more than 50 billion euros in pension and allowances cuts during the last 7 years), that has forced people to live like beggars, a further 18% cut will be imposed on pensions under the 4th Memorandum voted in the greek parliament on Thursday 18 May 2017 and a “freezing” of even the slightest raise in pensions until 2022.

And as if a life with no future wasn’t enough, the streets of Athens were filled with thousands of riot policemen to impose fear on people daring to protest. During the protest in Athens anarchists tried to storm the Greek parliament and attacked the riot police brigades on the stairs leading to the front yard of the building -that once was purported to be the royal palace in Syntagma Square- whilst inside politicians were voting on the new harsh financial measures to be imposed on the people, without the people.

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