Chile: New solidarity poster for imprisoned anarchist comrades Juan, Nataly & Enrique, on trial since March 24



On September 18, 2014, Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores were arrested in a police and media raid, accused under the Anti-terrorist Law of placing explosives in various parts of Santiago.

A few months later, Enrique Guzmán, who regularly visited them in prison, was arrested and accused of the same charges. Presented from the outset as internal enemies that must be destroyed, they have remained in pre-trial detention ever since.

On March 24 the trial begins against the comrades to defend the monopoly of violence by the state, attack anarchist ideas and punish solidarity with the threat of long sentences and perpetual imprisonment.

Trials are instances of self-affirmation and of great relevance for the authorities and for the theatre of democracy that are broadcast via their propaganda organs, seeking to break down our comrades and hand down exemplary punishments in order to intimidate anyone who dares to rebel in the face of Dominion. It is up to us to transform these instances into an arena of combat and defence for the accused comrades.

If they punish solidarity, we will respond with greater force. Action without limits against the State and all Authority.


(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

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Germany: Everybody in Hamburg hates the police / The whole world hates the police


In the summer, it left us speechless, yes indeed, we could barely exhale. For the longest time, this question had concerned us: Who was the idiot who decided to hold a summit of the world’s largest industrial states at the Hamburg Messe Hall in the heart of the left alternative district? In December the ‘mystery’ was solved. Olaf Scholz had personally promised the Chancellor. The reasoning is obvious: Hamburg, gateway to the world, must be able to withstand such a summit. Following the bungled Olympic bid, now its time for the summit.

What Hamburg will endure, we will know in about three months. (Summit history: Genoa, Prague, Seatlle, Gothenburg, Heiligendamm…) We didn’t want to wait until the hot days before the summit. For this reason on the 26th of March we attacked the police station on the Grundstrasse in Hamburg in the early hours of the morning and set the vans in the yard on fire.

Our target was selected with care, the repressive machinery has been working at full speed on the criminalization of the resistance. For those who wish to express their dissent against the summit, the prisons are already prepared: UHA on Holstenglacis and the Billwerder Justice Center will provide room for the prisoners. In Harburg on the Schlachthofstrasse, a former grocery market will be converted into a prisoner collection point with a judicial branch office and also in Hahnoefersand 100 spaces will be provided to bring protesters in from the street.

We are regularly made aware of what it means to live under a state of siege. Like the times when ‘danger zones’ are established to take the quarter back under the control of the existing order, or the times when street festivals are attacked in order to show who has the final say here. And finally the time on the Hafenstrasse when the whole street was put under suspicion, racist identity controls were organized and the street was put under 24 hour surveillance.

But what is going to happen here in Hamburg in three month’s time will probably make everything else pale in comparison. Already in December, a major part of the machinery of repression was put into action. One week before the start of the OSCE summit, the siege situation prevailed not just at the Messe Hall but throughout the entire district. The impression was given that any protest or resistance could be nipped in the bud by well-equipped police units. Checkpoints were erected, water jetties were set up, helicopters circled day and night. The press gushed with superlatives and images of the well prepared SEK (Special Deployment Commando) officers.

This onslaught is due to the tactics of insurrection and is now embedded in the security architecture of Europe. The powerful are preparing for a future of internal-European conflicts. Internal exploitation and the resulting uprisings, such as in Greece, or more recently, in France are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. And it is precisely against this that the apparatus is armed: to nip these rebellions in the bud, and to be able to overpower them with immediate repression. A scenario of fear is used as a justification to the people of this capitalistic society for the daily internal rearmament. This is a scenario that a large sector of the population have automatically accepted in recent years.
The debates regarding the extension of video surveillance and data storage are not just to promise more ‘security’ but to promote the feeling that control is omnipresent.

Special units such as the SFOE, the MEK and the SEK serve as a means of intimidation by force. Supported by high-tech equipment, they are the bulwark for the interests of power and the exploitative structures of this capitalist society.
A society that cannot exist without insulating itself. A society that has upgraded its external EU borders and built up its specially created border agency, Frontex. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to reach Europe and many more people will drown in the Mediterranean attempting to flee here.

We attacked the police because they are the part of this insidious machinery that are directly implementing violence. They are the glue that holds everything together. Everyone from the lowest ranking patrol officers right up to the highest ranking cops fulfil a function. If we want to talk about destroying the system we will have to deal with them directly. It is precisely these forces that will position themselves in our way when we gather in the summer to storm the exhibition halls and their infrastructure. We must recognize them for what they are, real and not just symbolic protectors of the ruling order, and attack them with full force. Anyone who defends the ruling order is also responsible for the exploitation of the global capitalist system and must therefore face the consequences.

It is always true: The oppressed of this world hate the police.

Greetings of solidarity to the Hafenstrasse: Don’t let the cops intimidate you!

Hamburg says goodbye!

Hamburg, 26.03.2017

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Porto Alegre, Brasil : Abertura do novo espaço da Biblioteca Kaos. domingo 2 de abril. meio dia

cartaz abertura

Received on 27.03.17:

Salve compas!

Com a intensa sensação de ânimo que nos dá a nova ocupação, abrimos já as portas do nosso novo espaço, xs convidando à abertura o domingo 2 de abril ao meio dia. Sintam-se a vontade pra trazer suas feiras e materiais.

Aproveitamos este convite para mandar um salve aos compas de Tessalônica, Komotini, as okupas da Grécia, os compas do Chile, e Porto Alegre que nos fizeram chegar uma piscada solidaria no desalojo do espaço anterior.

Biblioteca Kaos

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Gomel, Belarus: Anarchists attack the Ministry of Taxation with Molotov Cocktails

Received on 27.03.17:

We, the partisan-anarchists, take responsibility for the symbolic attack
on March 24, 2017 on the building of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of
Taxes of the Republic of Belarus for the Gomel region.
We threw two Molotov cocktails into the window one of cabinet. At the
time of the attack hundreds of thousands of people were spiritually with
us throughout the country and beyond. This energy gave us great strength
and right.

Let’s note that it was not principally for us to attack specifically
this building. Any other inspection would also suit: regional, city,
district – it does not matter. Each of them deserved the people’s
revenge. The tax authorities regularly called and sent out “letters of
happiness” about levying a tax on the unemployed. At the very moment
when the people in Belarus were crushed by economic extortion from the
state and firmly said: “Basta! to tax and regime”; when protesters claim
to state policy and are outraged by the work of tax inspections, the
officials, sitting in the offices, continue to indulge the authorities
in stealing money of workers and temporarily unemployed people. They do
not think that they are in complicity with state racket, i.e. Crime,
which includes a whole list of punitive measures against common people:
blackmail, extortion, threats, repression, enforcement to social and
economic slavery.

To the executors and guides of this predatory regime – in this case to
tax inspectors – we sent our warning gesture and response to the
requisitions in the form of “Molotov cocktails.” This is done because
the parasite deeply spit on the people, since they are fulfilling the
dictates of the fuhrer Lukashenko and do not attach importance to what is
happening in the country, under the cover of the total lies of the
media. By their actions, we point out to them this and say to stop
promoting robbery and tyranny on the side of government authority.

Today we inflicted only insignificant damage to the building of the tax
inspection, we only spoiled the officials one day. The truth is that
ministries, inspections, police stations, KGB and other anti-people
departments deserve more destructive effects.
Only radical intervention and sabotage of the entire system, which is
tied to this regime, can stop the despotism of the authorities. The
events that took place on March 25 in Minsk, when the peaceful
demonstration was severely dispersed by assault police forces, is our
proof. Secret service and cops do everything to make people afraid and
not to resist. Today, to go even to a peaceful demo or a march of
protest means self-sacrifice. First, you will be recorded onto
high-quality video camera, then riot police or agents in civilian
clothes will try to grab you when you are going home. But even if you
manage to avoid this, you can still wait for “guests” at any moment,
anywhere: at school, at work, at the entrance of home or in flat. If you
got in sight of the vigilant dogs of the dictator, authoritarian regime
will not forget anyone.

Due to the fact that the campaign started across the country against tax
on unemployed the cops for the last month shook and took a lot of
fighters with the system. Among their hammers were our anarchist
comrades. Someone was imprisoned, some were searched, some were publicly
harassed and insulted through pro-government media. It hurts us much to
look at this. Our mind is seething with indignation.

Citizens, brothers and sisters, countrymen and countrywomen, we –
anarchists –  urge you to resist the state in every possible way!
Remember, Molotov cocktails have always been very popular among the
people. If you are trying to defend dignity and honor, you need to fight
back in the most determined manner. At night, in a guerrilla manner, as
our ancestors once did in the fight against the occupation totalitarian
regimes. In the early 1940s, an unprecedented number of detachments of
insurgents and underground members operated on the Belarusian lands. All
of them every day were living their lives, fighting against enemy
invaders. We believe that among the inhabitants of Belarus there are
many spiritual descendants of fighters of those times.

Cops and KGB are not all-powerful. This is proven by all the night
attacks of anarchists. Well-planned attacks on state institutions are
held without detentions. Anarchists always quietly dissolved in the
depths of the night. If you have not previously been exposed as an
“extremist”, then no one will suspect you.

We are in solidarity with all the repressed!
Freedom for all detainees!
Down with Lukashenko’s gang! Down with the parasites-officials!
Self-organize to fight!

A group of furious anarchists

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Hueyapan, Mexico: Manifesto for Autonomy



Hueyapan’s autonomy and libertarian self-government aim to various objectives: a collective and anti-capitalist economy that is self-run by the farmers, artists and small local business people, focusing on producing riches to be available to everyone in a communal treasury; a direct democracy—without payrolls and political parties—to elect their representatives from each block and from each neighborhood, forming counsels—with the right of revocation—that delegates different tasks of administration and supervision; the re-strengthening of the Community Guard “Los Tigres”, an organ of autonomous security that since 2014 has organized against the abuses and arbitrary detentions of the state police, and to prevent the clandestine cutting of the forest; the rescue of our indigenous language nahuatl hueyapanense and the wide commercialization of the local arts and crafts.

(via Ruptura Colectiva)

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Chile: Solidarity Offensive with Juan, Nataly and Enrique (Eng/Esp/Ita)


Received on 24.03.17:


During the early hours of September 18, 2014 a large police operation ends with the arrest of comrades Nataly and Juan Flores, both of whom are formalized and charged under the Anti-Terrorism Law for the placement and detonation of explosive devices at a subway station, Subcentro in “Escuela Militar” and two police stations.

Months later Enrique Guzman is arrested, linked by the miserable South Prosecutor’s office as the setter of the explosive against the First Police Station. With this detention the Power aims to attack the solidarity and the bonds of complicity that arise from it, seeking to isolate the comrades in prison.

The comrades from the beginning have been defiant against the Power, the press and the police, and in prison they have remained intact in their anarchic convictions, assuming the prison as a combat space, and annihlating their walls through writing, confrontation gestures and hunger strike of more than fifty days.

The comrades have been exposed and defamed by Power, harassed and isolated by Gendarmerie and through the press have been sentenced from the beginning. In spite of this they maintain an unleashed anarchic spirit that does not understand pauses or resignations.

Today, Nataly, Juan and Enrique risk long sentences by the inquisatorial mafias, however they persist in the antiauthoritarian confrontation from the isolation modules.





Durante la madrugada del 18 de septiembre de 2014 un amplio operativo policial termina con la detención de lxs compañerxs Nataly y Juan Flores, ambxs son formalizadxs y acusadxs bajo la Ley Antiterrorista por la colocación y detonación de artefactos explosivos en una estación de metro, Subcentro en Escuela Militar y dos comisarías.

Meses después es detenido Enrique Guzmán, vinculado por la miserable Fiscalía Sur como el colocador del explosivo contra la Primera Comisaría. Con esta detención el Poder pretende atacar la solidaridad y los vínculos de complicidad que surgen de ella, buscando aislar a lxs compañerxs en prisión.

Lxs compañerxs desde un inicio se han mostrado desafiantes contra el Poder, prensa y policías, y en prisión han permanecido intactxs en sus convicciones anárquicas, asumiendo la prisión como un espacio de combate, y aniquilando sus muros a través de escritos, gestos de confrontación y una huelga de hambre de más de cincuenta días.

Lxs compañerxs han sido expuestos y difamadxs por todos los aparatos del Poder, hostigadxs y aisladxs por Gendarmería y a través de la prensa han sido sentenciadxs desde un inicio. Pese a ello mantienen encendido un inclaudicable espíritu anárquico que no entiende de pausas ni renuncias.

Hoy Nataly, Juan y Enrique arriesgan largas condenas por parte de las mafias inquisidoras, sin embargo persisten en la confrontación antiautoritaria desde los módulos de aislamiento.





All’alba del 18 settembre 2014 una vasta operazione poliziesca si chiude con il fermo dei comagn* Nataly e Juan Flores, a entrambi viene formalizzata l’accusa, sotto la legge antiterrorismo, di aver cllocato e fatto esplodere ordigni esplosivi in una stazione della metro, il Subcentro della stazione Escuela Militar e contro due commissariati.

Mesi dopo viene arrestato Enrique Guzman, indicato dalla miserabile Procura Sud come colui che ha positionato l’esplosivo contro la Primera Comisaria. Con questo arresto il Potere pretende attaccare la solidarieta e i vincoli di complicita che da questa sorgono, cercando di isolare i/le compagn* in prigione.

I/le compagn* fin dall’inizio hanno mostrato la loro sfida il Potere, stampa e poliziotti, e in prigione sono rimasti intaatti nelle loro convinzioni anarchiche, facendo del carcere uno spazio di combattimento, e annientando i suoi muri per mezzo di scritti, gesti di scontro ed uno sciopero della fame di piu di cinquanta giorni.

I/le compagn* sono stati esibiti e diffamati da tutti gli apparati del Potere, osteggiati e messi in isolamento da parte della Gendarmeria e per mezzo della stampa sono stati condannati fin dall’inizio. Nonostante cio mantengono acceso un fermo spirito anarchico che non concepisce pause ne rinunce.

Oggi Nataly, Juan ed Enrique rischiano lunghe pene de parte delle mafie inquisitrici, tuttavi persistono nello scontro anitautoritario dalle sezioni di isolamento.



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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Lutheran Church vandalized in solidarity with the evicted Solidaria squat (Eng/Port/Esp)

Received and translated on 24.03.17:

At dawn on March 21, we decorated the facade of the Lutheran Church on Senhor dos Passos street in the center of Porto Alegre with paint as a gesture of strength and in solidarity with the compas of Solidaria, a squatted space that opened the door to many encounters and possibilities.

For complicity and disobedience.

May you feel the warmth of affinity and reap the turmoil of permanent conflict!


Na madrugada do 21 de março, decoramos com tintas a fachada da Igreja Luterana na rua Senhor dos Passos no centro de Porto Alegre como gesto de força e solidariedade com os compas da Solidaria, um espaço okupado que abriu as portas para muitos encontros e possibilidades, para a cumplicidade e a insubmissão.

Para que sintam o calor da afinidade e segamos na turbulência da conflitividade permanente!


La madrugada del 21 de marzo, decoramos con pintura la fachada de la iglesia Luterana en la calle Senhor dos Passos del centro de Porto Alegra como gesto de fuerza y solidaridad con los compas de La Solidaria, un espacio ocupado que abrió las puertas para muchos encuentros y posibilidades, para la complicidad y la insumisión.

Para que sientan con este gesto el calor de la afinidad y asi, sigamos en la turbulencia de la conflictividad permanente!

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