Australia: Mass mobilisations against the far-right 22.11.15.




The far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim organizations “Reclaim Australia” (RA) and “United Patriots Front” (UPF) are staging Australia-wide rallies on November 22nd. In response antifascists, anti-racists and other community activists will be holding counter-demonstrations.

via Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF):

Anti-Muslim fear-mongering is escalating, and Reclaim Australia has called national rallies for November 22. It is no coincidence that the rallies follow the recent launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, which will stand in the 2016 elections on dangerous policies that include a 10-year moratorium on resident visas for people from Islamic countries.

The far right and modern-day Nazis are seriously working to build a movement. First, they scapegoat Muslims to split and weaken the working class. Next, they will target unionists, leftists, First Nations, immigrants, women, LGBTIQ people and others to blame us for capitalism’s worsening crisis. Big capital needs this movement to break our capacity to resist.

Let’s stop stop them! Hit the streets, and bring more people. Together, we are far stronger than they are.

Counter-demonstrations (More are expected to be added as November 22nd draws closer, check Slackbastard blog for latest updates):


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