Italy: Activists blockade Turkish Airlines at Venice airport in solidarity with Kurdistan


This morning one hundred rainbow balaclava-clad activists from social centers in the North East converged on Venice Airport and temporarily blockaded the Turkish Airlines ticket office and check-in and spray-painted it with slogans.

The action lasted for over an hour. The demonstrators marched through the airport with Kurdistan flags and a large “Stop Erdogan’s Terror” banner. A megaphone was used to make passengers and airport workers aware of why it is important to boycott Turkish business interests in Italy and all companies who cooperate with them.

The action was intended to show solidarity with the Kurdish people who in recent months have been the target of criminal acts by the Turkish government led by Erdogan. Bomb attacks against civilian protesters have caused hundreds of deaths in a renewed strategy of tension by Erdogan who then tries to present himself as the peacemaker of the nation. The impending elections in which it is expected that once again the ruling party AKP will be unable to win a majority has brought out the worst of the Turkish government forces – police and military oppression in the Kurdish cities and attacks on opposition television stations.

And now the picture becomes even more alarming with Erdogan’s increased confidence after being courted by Merkel who until a few weeks ago was a proud opponent of Turkey in Europe. This newfound harmony is based on Erdogan’s ability to block migration routes of refugees from Turkey to Europe.

We therefore call for freedom for the Kurdish people and for free elections tomorrow.

Erdogan Terrorist!
Free Kurdistan! Free Rojava!

North East Social Centers 

(via Global Project)


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