Greece: Info about the abuse & struggle of migrant detainee Sanaa Taleb


08.11.15: Despite the attempt to deport her on Thursday

Despite the charges she is facing and her trial starting today

Despite the fact that she is not provided with any medication

Despite the fact that other prisoners were banned from being given packaged foods by visitors so that they would not be able to join in her protest and would eventually turn against her

Sanaa continues her struggle

Sanaa Taleb from Morocco has abstained from prison rations since October 31st in order to protest her detention which has been extended for another three months. On Thursday afternoon, after six days of protest, Taleb communicated with a comrade saying how happy she felt because she was about to be released… But one of her cellmates informed us that Taleb left the detention centre in handcuffs and was led into a police patrol car. We tried to locate her for hours. Her cellmates contacted us when she was returned back to the immigrant detention centre with her clothes ripped and covered in blood. Eventually we found out that she had been taken to Spata airport for deportation and she resisted. The cops are charging her with disobedience, resistance, and other usual changes but Taleb is not giving up and continues her ration abstention.

Sanaa Taleb is currently going through the 9th* day of ration abstention in a struggle for her release. Her cell mates are being supportive and on Sunday around 25 people from various collectives rallied outside the immigrant detention centre Ellinikou. With our banners and chants we proclaimed our solidarity with Taleb and all the other imprisoned women. We will continue to support them until freedom, until every immigrant detention centre shuts down. People in solidarity will be by her side on Monday at court.

*today is the 10th day since the announcement was made yesterday

(via BlackCat, compiled from various Greek-language sources)

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