Greece: Police threaten journalists with abduction


06.11.15: There is an ongoing operation of intimidation against people acting in solidarity with refugees and reporters in Mytilene.

Yesterday, five police officers in plainclothes threatened to abduct a journalist, who was led into a car in the center of Mytilene during the shooting of an interview in collaboration with anthropologists from abroad. When the journalist asked for an explanation the answer was “you have attracted the interest of certain people” and then she was let go.

Today, security detained the journalist’s partner from a coffee shop during an interview. It is worth noting that the footage is part of an anthropological research in the form of a documentary in relation to refugees. This was clearly an attempt to terrorize witnesses and researchers, a tactic we are all well aware of in the history of Greece.

PS. Please share and raise awareness as this is the only way to offer some kind of protection to these people.

(via BlackCat & provo)

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