Australia: Woman activist assaulted by supporter of fascist group UPF in Melbourne


It has emerged that a woman activist from the group Whistleblowers, Activists & Citizens Alliance (WACA) was assaulted by a male supporter of the far-right “United Patriots Front” in Melbourne on the 6th of November. The woman was punched in the face resulting in a fractured cheekbone and a serious concussion that she is still recovering from. WACA have released a statement regarding this incident which we have reprinted below. It should be pointed out that we believe WACA’s call for the state government to investigate the UPF to be a misguided and naive approach. However, we still stand in solidarity with WACA and all groups and individuals in the stolen territories referred to as Australia who are actively opposing the presence of the far-right on the streets. 

Statement by WACA on UPF Incitement of Community Violence.

Last Friday, November 6th, a member of WACA was assaulted on the streets of Melbourne. A UPF supporter recognised our member via a video posted by UPF on their Facebook page.

This man screamed at our friend, stating that she was ‘the bitch from the video’. He then punched her in the face fracturing her cheekbone, inflicting bruising and a significant concussion from which she is still recovering one week later.

This violent incident occurred following previous episodes of intimidatory and thuggish behaviour by UPF supporters who stalked anti-racist campaigners at community radio station 3CR, Fitzroy, and at the Melbourne Anarchist Club and Anarchist Bookshop at Northcote.

UPF invaded these community safe spaces. They acted in an aggressive and offensive manner. They filmed with intent to use the material to incite hatred as evidenced by the videos they produced and posted on social media.

We call on the State Attorney General, The Hon Martin Pakula MP, to order an investigation into the UPF’s aggressive campaign that targets community groups and organisations. We demand an independent community investigation, that is, not conducted by the Victorian Police. This investigation must incorporate close scrutiny of the video content produced, released and promoted by members of the UPF. Such content is clearly an incitement to violence against concerned citizens in the community; people who are legitimately responding to the rise of extreme far-right, neo-nazi ideology driven violence surfacing in the streets of Melbourne.

11 November 2015

Whistleblowers, Activists & Citizens Alliance

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