Greece: Update on the Occupied Workers Center evicted by the Greek Communist Party in Mytilene

As we previously reported, a former labor hire / worker’s center that had been occupied by anti-authoritarians and refugees in Mytilene was violently evicted recently by members of the Greek Communist Party (KKE). The center was being used as temporary housing for refugees and migrants while they waited for their papers to be approved so they could travel to northern Europe and was totally self-managed by refugees and migrants. In the video above you can see the reactions from the refugees and the anti-authoritarians to the eviction. To add some more context to what occurred our correspondent from Greece BlackCat has translated some important statements. The first statement is the initial announcement made by the Occupied Workers Center explaining the reasons behind the occupation. The second statement is the announcement made by the refugees and migrants following the eviction. 

Initial Announcement by the Occupied Workers Center

November 11th

A result of the economic embargo enforced by countries and states of the ”civilized” world. A result of civil wars and conflict that are planned and executed by the ”civilized world”. The wars serving the interests of large scale arms manufacturers of the ”good” and ”civilized” world.

For over a decade this ”civilized” world has managed to create inhumane conditions for the people of the ”non civilized world” which are now paying the price of inhumanity and financial interests with human lives.

The outcome of interventions and wars was to dislocate entire populations and turn them into cheap labour in Europe, the U.S. and the Scandinavian countries, according to the dictates of the industry and the needs of their markets. Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees of war as well as other people forcibly uprooted from the countries they were born in, are led in a slave trade that’s run by a number of scum: mafia, army, cops. The former are trading the souls of refugees for profit and the latter are witnesses and managers of the suffering of refugees who will either get killed, drowned or mourn the loss of a loved one until they reach a false paradise. And as soon as they arrive ashore they encounter the black market of hotels, grocery stores, canteens, coffee shops, restaurants, taxis, boats… All offering special (higher) pricing to ”illegal immigrants” with the police regime expressing itself the way it’s used to and the government and the state offering nothing. While the contribution of agencies with huge funding is partly useful, it is too small for the size of the problem. Many refugees are left out in the cold, on a pavement, at the port or outside the tents in Moria and Kara Tepe camps, often with not enough time for a family of ten to grab a single blanket and three portions of food.

Of course, we don’t forget that in this war and in this situation there are people who suffer ten times more and deal with all sorts of violence: the prohibitions, kidnapping, exploitation and humiliation more than anything. We won’t forget the most vulnerable segment: women and children.

Against all these, against exploitation and humiliation, against the dependence on international ”charity” organizations, in order to assert the basic rights (housing and food) we decided to occupy the workers’ centre so that any refugee in need, regardless of the country of origin, can find shelter there.

NO to the war created by the West and their systems of traitors in the Middle East and the surrounding areas which aim to divide, humiliate and rule.
NO to the exploitation of the most vulnerable part of the patriarchal society: the women and children
NO to religious, national, racial and gender based discrimination
NO to the black market of the local society
NO to the policy of ”spectator- accomplice” of the E.U and the U.N.
YES to peace and security for all people



(via Musaferat Lesvos)

Announcement by Refugees and Migrants Following the Eviction of the Occupied Workers Center 

November 12th 2015

With all due respect and appreciation of the historic struggles of the Communist Party, the Resistance, which deserves nothing but respect by everyone, they have managed to offend and disrespect those struggles themselves.

Currently, it is very sad that we have to deal with a political party that invests politically in lies and slander against migrants and refugees, despite its claims of solidarity with them since it has offered them tea at the port, where it separates them into groups of regular and irregular migrants.

To us, lies, slander and betrayal are not part of any struggle. Bullying against the most vulnerable aspect of society, as are the immigrants and refugees, is not part of any letter of the word STRUGGLE.

In any case we cannot deal with this kind of people, because we have much more serious things to deal with in this difficult situation, besides lies and tea. We are neither interested to answer nor comment on that, because these things are ridiculous despite the fact that the fascist attack against us is a cause of concern. We are posing a question to society and the movement: What would your reaction be had the Golden Dawn done that?

To us, fascist behaviour is fascist behaviour. Lies are lies. Slander is slander. We cannot take this idiocy seriously. We are interested in continuing our struggle. May their claims be put to action, for the building to remain open and accessible to all refugees and migrants in need. If they make this commitment, it will be a victory for us since the Workers’ Centre will remain open to migrants. We have no plans to claim ownership or authority over any building. Our goal was to open up more and more buildings! So that no migrant would be left out in the rain and cold and for everyone to be able to get a meal and a roof over their head, away from exploitation and discrimination on all levels.

Let’s begin a struggle for human rights and dignity away from misery and lies. We do not have the time for debates and conflict over any building. Immigrants and refugees staying on the island for a few days are in need of support and time is limited.

The struggle for other openly accessed buildings for immigrants and refugees continues.

-Open borders for all the migrants and refugees that were driven away. Away from the exploitation of mafia, armies and police

-Openly accessed buildings for those in need without racial, national or gender discrimination

-Away from the exploitation of markets

-Residence with dignity without any cost

-Free transportation at no cost until arrival at destination


(via Athens Indymedia)

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