France: At war all of you



1997, the Hollywood movie industry gave birth to a film which imagined the project of a huge terrorist attack in New York, a vengeance after the death of beloved ones during one of the many civil wars fomented by Western governments (and in this case, in Bosnia). It was a movie made for the DVD shops, nothing special, and it would have been easily forgotten if there would not have been the events of September four years later. After the hit, the movie attracted attention of certain people. And not without reason. One could see in it a scene where the perpetrator of the attack explained with clarity the motivations that pushed him, a mature and cultivated man, to accomplish such an act. Although engraved on the film of spectacle, these reasons weren’t at all cinematographic. Quite on the contrary, it was easy to imagine that they were beating in the chests of tens and hundreds of thousands of human beings of flesh and blood throughout the world.

“Facing my act, you will say: “It is logic, why not? They are a herd of animals, they are slaughtering each other since centuries.” But the truth is that… I am not a monster. I am a human being exactly as yourselves, whether it pleases you or not. We have tried to live together for years until we were all at war. A war wanted by our leaders. But who provided the Serbian fragmentation bombs, the Croat tanks, the shells of the Muslim [Bosnian] artillery who kill our children? It were the Western states who drew the borders of our country, sometimes with ink, sometimes with blood, the blood of our people. And now you send your peacekeeping forces to write yet again our destiny. We cannot accept this peace that leaves nothing but pain, this pain that even the pacifiers should feel: their women, their children, their houses, their churches… So know you now, know you have to understand. Let us find our destiny. May God have pity on all of us.”

But God doesn’t exist and therefore has no pity on none. The pacifiers know it, but even with all the information, they do not understand, they cannot manage to understand, they do not want to understand. What a scriptwriter found with his imagination, a multitude of politicians and journalists or ordinary citizens do not see, even if they have it right under their noses for several times. If not, they wouldn’t hasten so hard today, two days after the acts of war which caused a slaughter in Paris, to ask themselves how this could have been possible, how it can have been possible to defile the good old Europe with some much brutality. Fourteen years after the 11th of September, those who come to bring the war to our homes do not even have the scruple any more to target a strategic objective. They do not attack any more at the same time the structures-symboles of the adversary power (like the Pentagon or the World Trade Center), they do not target any more the nests of snakes (as the redaction of the blasphemous Charlie Hebdo was seen). No, they slaughter directly everyone, blindly, firing in the crowd. Maybe they tried to target the president of the Republic, but once he’s amidst the supporters in the stadium, they open fire on the clients of bars and restaurants who were there to eat and drink, they commit a true massacre amongst spectators of a concert. That is the horror that provokes today so much dread and devastation. “It is an attack against mankind” many people are saying: not against a hostile government, not against a competing economy, not against a rival God, but against simple human being who wanted to live their daily life. And it’s true, it is an attack against mankind. But one has to ask oneself about which mankind we are speaking.

It is about the mankind which rejoices after a goal, the mankind that farts after a copious meal, the mankind that blithely dances all night long. Nothing wrong with that, quite on the contrary! But this mankind, which pays and pretends to exert its right to dance at the end of the week, and who horrifies therefore seeing the 129 people dead on a Friday evening in Paris, is the same mankind that sighs and is bored stiff when somebody recalls that the war in Syria has caused 300,000 dead in four years (almost 200 a day, each day), or that the dead in Iraq since the start of the hostilities are estimated at 500,000 (more then 100 a day, each day). It is the same mankind that the day before almost didn’t notice the slaughter perpetrated in Beirut by the same lunatics of God. It is the same mankind that the last 3th of October deplored the bombardment of an Afghan hospital by the US Airforce, but then forgot about it from the moment the government of the stars and stripes apologised. In this times of journalists excited by the smell of blood of others, they didn’t cry out against these bastard Christians; their great spirits didn’t organize vigils, no candles on the squares, no “I am Kunduz” a bit everywhere.

The mankind about which they are speaking is civilised, educated, tolerant, the mankind that lives in a more or less secular capitalist society. Those who live in a fundamentalist theocratic society are not part of mankind, they are but monsters. Because one has to be a monster to slaughter in this way hundreds of innocent people. Civilised being who form mankind push a button when they want to perpetrate random massacres. It is monstrous to drip one’s hands in blood, it is civilised to accomplish blood baths with bombs dropped by air planes. It is monstrous to go voluntarily towards death at the age of 20, it is civilised to obey voluntarily towards agony at the age of 80. It is monstrous to shoot French passers-by following orders of religious leaders, it is civilised to kill poor Brazilian children following orders of political leaders (the UN itself denounced a month ago “the high numbers of summary executions of children” by the police of Rio, but did somebody speak out on it?). It is monstrous to cut the throat of your enemy, it is civilised to kill him from a distance or to lock him up between four walls for the rest of his days. It is monstrous to believe that seventy virgins are waiting in paradise for the martyr of war, it is civilised to believe that pension awaits the martyr of work (who himself does not hesitate to believe in the sun of God who did miracles and was given birth to by a virgin). It is monstrous to pretend that women have to be submitted and should walk around without uncovering a piece of skin, it is civilised to aspire for women to be submitted and walk around with the least possible clothes on. It is monstrous to prey by the religion of the desert, it is civilised to pray by the religion of the Stock Exchange. It is monstrous to enrich oneself with the spoils of war, it is civilised to enrich oneself with the arms trade. Is monstrous the Islamic State who claims acts of war against those who laugh and enjoy themselves, is civilised the democratic State who justifies acts of war against those who weep and suffer.

That’s the mankind that today is speechless. The mankind that cries out and gets all emotional on command, the mankind that considers acts of terrorism perpetrated elsewhere and against others just and necessary, while the ones perpetrated here at his own expense are crazy and cruel. A mankind for who the slaughters stop at the end of the television news. But in times of war as we are living now, the slaughters do not stop. For those who didn’t notice yet, they are not stopping at all. If the soldiers of Daech could have killed hundred people in Ankara on the last 10th of October, why couldn’t they do so more killing in Paris a month later? Maybe because the first ones where ready to take up arms against the Caliphate, while the second ones limited themselves to play the role of supporters at a distance against the Caliphate? Or rather because the Islamist cut throats should actually show gratitude towards those governments that are fighting them much less then announced and that they are capable of? Not only is the principal source of income of Daech getting spared by the raids “against terrorism”, the rather lucrative petrol wells, but just like in March 1991 the ones who were exporting democracy by bombing the place allowed the tyrant Saddam Hussein to drown the insurrection in his country in a bloodbath (750,500 victims), in the same way today not a little finger was moved to stop Assad from repressing the Syrian insurrection and all has been done to prevent the self-government of the Kurds in Rojava.

Let’s cut it down with the contempt and the stupor. Enough hypocrisy. We are all at war. A war wanted by our leaders. Who build the phosphor bombs which burned Fallujah, who trained the pilots who bombarded Gaza, who provided the information technologies to the secret services torturing in Damascus? It are the governments, it are the multinationals. Governments elected in a democratic way, companies making money in a civilised way. Here, at our homes. One knows, but hardly understands it. That’s why there’s no pity for none, not even for ourselves (we, great revolutionaries who would want to destroy everything, wage war against the whole existent, but who are not capable any more to hate someone to the death, not even our worst enemies). That’s why there’s now no more place left but for terrorism. After long decades of consciences going in the mist, or rarefaction of intelligences, of dizziness of sensibilities and of paralysis of muscles, the disasters and the civil wars have nice days ahead. Freedom and revolution, much less.

Now it becomes easy to predict what will happen. Against the iron fist of the sharia, the iron fist of the civil and penal code. State of emergency, exception laws, more control, less freedom for all. Against the risk of dying by an Islamist hand, the security of vegetating by the hand of democratic hand. And retaliations, of course, who will feed new retaliations in a vicious circle with end. With the reactionary herd who will incite to hate the foreigners as such, and the progressive scum who will invite to love the foreigners as such. And all those who have no position to take between these two sides, those who see around them not any “we” with which to identify, those who want to desert this insane and terrorist war because it is another war they want to fight – against every God, against every State – will find them even more surrounded and watched.

But only we can have pity for ourselves. Let’s take a deep breath, and let’s abandon all despair and commotion. Tears blind the eyes more than blood. In spite of the appearances, we will never be without strength in our attempt to spread disorder, sacrilege and subversion.


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