North Kurdistan: Kurdish youth call for mass resistance against AKP government


02.01.16: Kurdish youth organizations Democratic Youth Federation (DEM-GENÇ) and Free Democratic Young Women (ÖDGK) have issued a written statement calling on all Kurdish people to take part in mass resistance against the AKP government’s war policies in Kurdistan especially in Cizre, Sur and Silopi. The statement says: “We call on all Kurdish people and youth to stage a mass resistance against the AKP’s massacre plan in Kurdistan. They must know that without the freedom of our leader, Kurdish youth will never give up Serhildan (revolt).”

The youth organizations also state that: “Unborn babies have been killed in Cizre, Nusaybin, Kerboran (Dargeçit), Sur and Silopi. The AKP government must realize that they could not negotiate in Kobanê and they cannot negotiate here. Kurdish people have resisted for 40 years and they will continue to resist. We are not afraid of their tanks, their artillery or their soldiers. As Kurdistan’s youth, we will continue the Serhildan (revolt) until our leader is free. We will follow our leader.”

The statement ends with a call for all Kurdish people to engage in mass resistance.

(via Jinha)

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