Spain: Anarchist prisoner Gabriel Pomba da Silva on hunger strike


Anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva who is held hostage by the Spanish state and has recently been ‘ghosted’ (transferred suddenly to another prison) from Topas, Salamanca, to Dueñas, Palencia, has started a hunger strike. The hunger strike is to demand a single cell, as the Spanish authorities always try to revenge Gabriel by putting him in cells with junkies, snitches and other scum, like rapists. By censoring, monitoring and interfering with his correspondence and visits in direct provocations and keeping placing him with the scum, the authorities want to make Gabriel pliant to the new incentives and privileges scheme that they are using across Spain to keep the prisoners heads down. Gabriel has already been forced to endue over 30 years of imprisonment at the hands of the Spanish State, in some of the worst conditions of annihilation. Gabriel started the hunger strike on 17th January, and he is joined by another companion, Juankar Santana Martín, also in the prison of Dueñas.

Solidarity to Gabriel and Juankar!


One way to support Gabriel is to send faxes , letters and phone calls to the Directorate of Knastes and the prison administration. Here are the details:

centro penitenciario de Duenas :

Phone: 979 71 63 00

Fax: 979 71 63 15

Instituciones Penitenciarias: Secretario General de Instituciones Penitenciarias

Ángel Yuste Castillejo

Dirección postal C/ Alcalá, 38-40 , 28014 Madrid

Phone (0034) 913354700

Fax (0034) 913354052

(via 325 & Linksunten Indymedia)


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