Argentina: Paint bomb attack against a bank in Buenos Aires


At dawn on February 2nd, we decided to ‘paint’ with 4 paint bulbs a branch of Banco Provincia in the province of Monte Grande in the city of Monte Grande in the province of Buenos Aires. We then threw leaflets that discuss the installation of a Monsanto plant (and all that it entails) and the resistance of some individuals who locked on to the plant grounds two years ago. While we do not share in total some of the practical ideas of the blockade we still felt it similar to many practices that bring us together as rebels against the vast machinery of state-Capital.

We see this small action as a boost towards direct actions and forms of dissemination of all types and sizes. We wish to destroy this civilization and leave it in ashes, but we want to start something new and move towards the free and wild.

Solidarity and action to those blocking Monsanto in Malvinas Argentinas, Córdoba.

Fire to Monsanto and its supporters!


Comando Aullidos Vándalicos

(via Contra Info)

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