New Interview With YPS Commander In Şirnex On Ongoing War In North Kurdistan

The Rojava Report

Xalid ŞevgerIn a new interview for Özgür Gündem journalist Ersin Çaksu sat down with Xalid Şevger, the YPS commander in Şirnex (Turkish: Şırnak), on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the international conspiracy which led to the capture and imprisonment of Kurdish popular leader Abdüllah Öcalan on February 15th, 1999. In this interview Şevger discusses the significance of the anniversary in the context of the struggle for autonomy in Bakur (North) Kurdistan amid ongoing attacks by the Turkish state. The interview has been translated into English below.

-Following the proclamations of autonomy the existing period of clashes took on a new character. The fighting has become more violent. Are you the reason for the intensifying violence of the clashes?

In fact there were already clashes. There were attacks by the Turkish state. And the YDG-H carried out actions in response to these. At the same time the resistance had a…

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