Greece: Murderous attack against anarchists in Athens

Exarchia main square1

In the early morning hours of the 27th of February a murderous attack took place at Exarcheia square against three squatters of the Occupied Social Centre ”Vox” by members of the drug trade. The attack of the mafia came after the intervention of comrades for a sexist comment made towards a girl.

As a result:

1) G.K. became the target of a murderous knife attack which was avoided as another comrade intervened

2) The second comrade was attacked with a knife on the head and as a consequence sustained a head injury

3) The third comrade was subjected to an extremely violent assault by a group of people and is currently hospitalized in critical condition due to a serious head trauma

As an initial response to the murderous attack initiated by the state paramilitary mafia we call everyone at the Polytechnic University of Athens tonight at 22:00 to stage an intervention at Exarcheia square.


(via Mpalothia, translated by BlackCat)

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