Greece: ‘The Perpetual Movement Towards Freedom’ by Christos Tsakalos member of CCF / FAI


“It’s like playing a game with marked cards…you know that the odds are against you, but you keep playing…Why? In order to continue the game..and to find others in the future to win the game…This is our heritage.”

On February 15 the trial for the escape plan of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire began. A total of 28 people are being tried, including our relatives and other people who have no connection to the case.

As Conspiracy of Cells of Fire we have taken on the responsibility for the plan and it’s practical / technical preparations (weapons, explosives, rockets, stolen vehicles) that were found in the hideouts of the organization.

But the answer to what led us to the decision to escape, the judges and the cops will not find it – neither in the weapons, nor in the explosives or in the decrypted messsages that were found.

Anybody can find the answer as long as they listen to the rattling of the chains they wear, chains baptized as freedom. A ‘freedom’ which exchanged our life with cables, devices and screens…a ‘freedom’ wearing the mask of a happy slave…But there is nothing real behind the mask.

Life is being strangled by the blackmail of the financial tyranny, the underpaid sweat of labor dungeons, the batons, tear gas and bullets of repression…Meanwhile the skies are raining death with bombs that turn entire cities into mass graves, small children are washed up dead on the shores of the Aegean and thousands of people are deserted in concentration camps.

At the same time, the lie is turned into truth by journalist’s propaganda, technology controls our movements and emotions, the spectacle flashily dresses up our loneliness and the western person becomes victimizer and victim of their own amnesia, as they have forgotten what it means to live free. This is the answer not only to why someone should escape from prison, but also to become a fugitive from the legal life of an obedient being…

These thoughts are the abettor of our getaway. If we could, we would also dig the walls even with our own nails to escape and to dig up the arms for the cause of freedom and revolution. And no matter how many of these attempts fail, or how many heads break onto the prison bars, at the end the bars will bend.

Because the stocks cannot be counted neither with weapons nor with explosives but with the belief that this world must be demolished, to let freedom blossom.

Both the judges and cops know our stubborness..That’s why they chose to take our relatives as hostages. To blackmail us emotionally and wrest our silence. But there will never be a cease fire between us and the power…

The judicial authorities in 10000 pages of files, try to make their lie more convincing and call 20 witnesses (half executives of the anti-terrorist service) to confirm this. They accuse my mother, Evi (wife of my brother) and Christos (brother of the comrade C. Polyrdros) as members of ‘the terrorist organization CCF.’

Their conviction has already been ordered from the palaces of power. This is the arrogance of a power that believes it’s playing without an opponent.

This trial is a poll of the struggle…In short we must violently interrupt the onslaught of an iron repression, which since it can not kneel us, aims at our people.

But the challenge is not only to subvert the judicial coup that blackmails us through the persecution of our relatives, but also to transfer the fear to the homes of the enemy…Where they think they are invulnerable. And if the tracks of repression marching are already reverberating…it’s time for our own weapons to be heard.

“One day we will have to gamble for everything”, against all our yesterdays of postponement, without hesitation to stand facing our executioners…it’s us or them.

Absence deletes people…but there are those who are missing in exile confined in one kilometer of ‘freedom’ and are present in our hearts…People just like Athena, Evi and finally Christos because today to remain human is by itself an act of courage…

Our day will come…

Christos Tsakalos – member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / F.A.I.

(translated by A-politiko)

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