Greece: Evi Statiri and Athena Tsakalou are not allowed to attend their own trial


Regarding the trial for the escape plan from Korydallos prison against the members of the C.C.F. something truly incomprehensible is unfolding…

Two of the defendants, Athena Tsakalou and Evi Statiri cannot be present at court during the trial because of certain restrictions as part of their conditional release from pre-trial detention.

During the three times the court convened so far, the same thing happened: the judge calls their names to register their attendance and every time the exact same dialogue follows. The defence attorneys have to explain that both women are under conditional release and if restrictions are violated they will be re-arrested. These restrictions are in the form of house arrest for Athena Tsakalou who lives on Salamina island, while Evi Statiri is not allowed to cross the 1km radius from her residence.

Since the start of the proceedings, the actual trial has not begun yet, Christos Tsakalos has expressed his concerns on how absurd this is and today, his brother Gerasimos, stated that the trial will not begin unless his mother and wife are present.

The defence attorneys have repeatedly appealed to the judge to make arrangements so that the defendants could be present at court but the judge stated that this does not fall under his responsibilities.

While waiting for a verdict which will be decisive on whether the two women will be able to attend their trial -and of course there is the issue of how this is going to be achieved regarding the circumstances- the women, who had been arrested and imprisoned, now endure a new regime of captivity which deprives them of the right to attent their own trial. Athena Tsakalou, remains under house arrest and Evi had to go on hunger strike in order to ensure her release.

A year after a new prison bill came into force, a bill the Syriza government embraced as a ”progressive” step that ”values prisoners’ rights”, in reality nothing has actually changed. Repression is as harsh, the witch hunt in cases of armed organizations continues as normal, relationships are criminalized and a regime of isolation is established, while defendants must now fight for the right to be present at their own trials!

(via Hit And Run, translated by BlackCat)

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