Chile: Bullets sent to a church pastor in Santiago by Death Brigade FAI-FRI


Responsibility claim for threats against the pastor of The Church of the Holy Sacrament.

Throughout history the church and its mutations have managed to prevail as both a symbol and performer of power. With small reinvestments they have been able to make their moral and divine authority remain legitimate as well as remaining as a form of control for humanity. The blood shed by the Inquisition in previous times is replaced today by moral standards and behaviors that are nothing more than the reflection of a sick society. Heteronormativity, male supremacy, monarchies, justification for human and animal exploitation, vices such as machismo, pedophilia, the power led to the smallest scale, the imbecility legitimized in more imbecility and of course we cannot forget the ‘hard’ punishment which is handed down to bastard pederasts: a life of prayer.

Throughout history the church has always been a target of attack for those who fight against the power. We will never forget how Mateo Morral attempted to attack the Catholic monarchs in 1906. Here in Chile such attacks have not been the exception either; in the year 1915 the power launched a witch-hunt against anarchist compañeros in an attempt to find those responsible for dynamite attacks against religious convents. The Death Brigade in the Spain of 1936 looted churches, desecrated the graves of priests and murdered those who had been kept alive and protected by fascists in small towns.

In present day Chile these actions have continued. Various insurrectionary cells have bombed churches with explosives and incendiary devices. Even during protests churches have been targeted, for example: The Church of the National Gratitude that is located in the center of Alameda. It front doors were burned by insurrectos during a manifestation on August 25, 2011. The doors saw flames again on the 23rd of May, 2015 in commemoration of the death of anarchist Mauricio Morales, and days later, on May 28 – again during a manifestation – it’s doors were fuel for the anarchist fire.

Without further ado, with this email we claim responsibility for the letter that was mailed to Rafael Cáceres Olave, pastor of the Church of the Holy Sacrament in the days preceding the trial faced by the anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar in Spain who are accused of various explosions at churches that were claimed by Insurrectionary Commando Mateo Morral. The letter contained a message for our compañeros and bullets. We chose this person as our subject as they are the pastor of the church that Mónica had been accused of attacking in the so-called Bombs Case in Chile.

The fire, the attack, the threat against any representative of the church and the power is fully justified. We have the weapons and our willingness to attack them. Their days of revelry are over.

Demolishing their history, false morality, power and authority…
We shout our demands with strength:
Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar to the streets!
Death to the state / capital / church and long live anarchy!

Death Brigade FAI/FRI

(original Spanish language text)

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