Day 18 of protests at the Australian government’s refugee camp on Nauru

Video allegedly from inside Nauru refugee camp, 06.04.16: Day 18 of protests.
Australian guards have beaten children and women in RPC3. (video and update via an anonymous source on Nauru).


via Refugee Action Coalition Sydney:

Protests Escalate on Nauru

Daily protests continue at the RPC 3 family compound despite increasing efforts by Immigration and the Nauru police to stifle them.

More protests are expected today as the asylum seekers were promised a response, by today, from Australia’s Border Force following tent-top protests by children detained in the RPC 3 camp, over two nights on the weekend.

Border Force agreed to send a letter written by the children to Canberra outlining their concerns. In particular the letter highlights that some people who were on the same boat as others who arrived after 19 July 2013 have been allowed to make protection applications and will be resettled in Australia.

The letter demands that they be treated the same as the people who were allowed to stay in Australia even though they arrived after 19 July 2013.

Anti-ABF graffiti (ABF= 卐, photo attached) appeared overnight Sunday on a wall in Anijuw, a compound inside RPC3, after Nauru police confiscated four phones from refugees filming the protests, at the behest of the ABF.

No response has been received from ABF by this afternoon, although the family of one of the boys in the roof-top protests received a positive determination this afternoon (Wednesday, 6 April).

“We are very angry,” one asylum seeker told the Refugee Action Coalition, “They are trying to separate us. We have been kept in hell for three years. Why are we in Nauru?”






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