Greece: Action in solidarity with the immigrant women at Ellinikon detention center


16.04.16: The struggle for freedom and decency of the imprisoned female immigrants at the detention center Ellinikon, continues. The imprisoned immigrants continue the hunger strike that begun on the 13th of April, despite the terrorism and repression they endure since they have been vengefully banned from using the prison yard by most prison guards.

Today at noon a solidarity march was held from Terpsithea towards the detention center with the participation of many Athens collectives. More than 300 people chanted slogans and distributed information and pamphlets within the neighborhoods we marched through. Outside the detention center our voices joined the voices of immigrants who chanted slogans for their freedom. Four comrades visited with the fighting immigrants and spoke with them.

R.D. still remains imprisoned. She is the immigrant woman who was pregnant and was not transferred to a hospital on time which resulted in losing her baby. Sanaa Taleb, who resisted her violent deportation, is now being tried on the 31st of March has remained imprisoned for a year and her detention has just been extended by another 6 months!

Imprisoned immigrants in Ellinikon, began a hunger strike on the 13th of April mainly demanding their freedom. Their struggle is crucial and that is obvious for everyone to see. We stand by them in their struggle. We call for an assemblage in Gini building in the Athens Polytechnic on Sunday April 17th.

People in solidarity.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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