Greece: Four refugees on hunger strike at Ritsona refugee camp

Four refugees in Ritsona camp began a hunger strike on the 20th of April and two more people joined the hunger strike on the 23rd. In the meantime, many refugees refuse to consume the food they are given because of its terrible quality, which is the reason why they started cooking their own meals. The refugees have been asking for legal representation since the moment of their arrival in Ritsona, while those running the camp have provocatively ignored their plea.

The refugees are protesting the unacceptable conditions of detention, they demand their full integration with the relocation program and their registration as refugees.
Also, some refugees prevented a vehicle carrying food from entering the camp due to its really bad quality.

According to people in solidarity the refugees are really suffering because of the squalid conditions they are forced to live in.

UPDATE: The refugees are on the 6th day of hunger strike and have not been examined by doctors yet.

(via Kollect News, translated by BlackCat)

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