Greece: Antifa march in Kavala in response to attacks by fascists

Wednesday May 25 

Around 100 antifascists gathered at Faliro Park and informed the people that were there about the fascist attacks that took place in Kavala the last few days. Comrades hung a banner at a spot in the park where it could be visible from the main road, distributed leaflets and were chanting antifascist slogans. Early on, police forces roamed the town, with two riot squads at the Golden Dawn offices, the DIAS motorbikes at the Vironas neighborhood where the new Roupakiases (Roupakias is the nazi Golden Dawn murderer of Pavlos Fyssas) of the town live and of course all the plainclothes cops of Kavala searching through the town centre, focusing on Faliro Park and the neighborhood around the squat.

Naturally, plainclothes cops could not be missing from the Park where the antifascists were gathered; these plainclothes cops, equally coward with their neonazi minions, came at the park with their daughters and sons to nose around, while pushing their kids on the swings, 5 meters away from the gathered crowd. Out of respect for the children that are not responsible for the shamelessness of their cop-dads, comrades decided not to jeer at them.

After an hour the antifascists took the main road over the park and the march started, heading towards the neighbourhood where the two nazis live (Triantafyllos Alexandridis and Andreas Rigoulis). Throughout the duration of the march, riot cops, motorbike cops (DIAS team) and plainclothes cops were following. In general, the whole police force of Kavala and anything they managed to bring over from neighboring towns was present.

The march was vibrant, antifascist and anti-cop slogans were chanted continuously and comrades were informing the neighborhood about the new Roupakiases they have in their area and the fact that the cops not only concealed the threat with a gun, but also that all this took place under their protection.

The cops followed the march up until it ended at Vironos 3 squat, keeping less than 20 metres distance from the antifascists and provoking them with their ironic comments and smileys.

When the march arrived at the road just below the squat, the anifascists stopped and shut the road to the cops, making it clear to them that they should make a u-turn and leave. Especially when residents of the area started coming out on the balconies and were being informed of the events and the reason of the march, the cops left completely irritated. Such dissatisfaction on the part of the cops was evident every time the march stopped and informed the neighborhoods.





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(via Mpalothia)

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