Greece: The justice system keeps violating the rights of anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos


A recent decision of the prison council in Korydallos to grant educational furloughs to Takis Moussas, a journalist convicted for extortion, has caused various reactions since Nikos Romanos, a political prisoner who formerly went on hunger strike to fight for his right to  education, is still not allowed to attend classes in college that require mandatory participation. The convicted journalist will also be provided with an ankle monitor in order to be able to sit his exams at the Open University.  The obvious political motives behind prison officials’ decisions in the case of Nikos Romanos are having an adverse effect on the young student’s education and are setting precedence in the violation of the educational rights of political prisoners.

“It’s not acceptable that they deprive a young man from the right to education, a right he earned by risking his life. They keep rejecting all his appeals for educational furloughs despite the fact that he fulfills all the conditions. Nikos passed all of the required courses and now a much older prisoner is given the very same furloughs.” Not that he challenges that education should be every prisoners’ right ”but they keep fabricating reasons to deprive my child of his rights. What kind of justice system is this? ”  stated his father, George Romanos, to

According to Nikos Romanos’ lawyer, Lilly Ragkousi, despite the fact that he fulfills all the criteria, the Prison Council has unreasonably rejected Nikos’ three appeals. In his insurrectionary announcement last December, which was a call for an uprising, he mentioned that ”I will not ask politely nor beg” referring to the prison council’s negative decisions.

”They are projecting these ”high risk”  and ”danger” claims in order to avoid granting his furloughs, nevertheless this is not lawful since there is no legal ground justifying a rejection of appeals based on statements and articles adding that ”essentially none of the rights he fought and risked his life for, have been respected by the justice system.”

Article by Ioanna Sotirhou, translated & slightly edited by BlackCat

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