Mainstream media protecting the Nazis in Greece

by @Kinimatini


Yesterday I spent twelve hours at St. Panteleimon square.

Following the arrival of riot cops to evacuate the square in the afternoon, I was approached by an elderly lady, who, staring at my camera, asked the following:

-Are you a reporter?

-Something like that but not like the others! I said and smiled

She looked at me from top to bottom trying to figure me out…

-Are you one of the good ones? She asked.

-Yes, I’m one of those, I replied.

Then a smile appeared on her face and said:

”A few years back, when members of the Golden Dawn started coming here to distribute flyers, they were causing more troubles than giving out flyers. I had witnessed everything but couldn’t say anything because I was afraid. They were stealing and battering people. If they saw any immigrants wearing gold or carrying valuables, they would beat them and remove their belongings. Some local merchants told me that they had threatened to trash local businesses owned by immigrants, if they were not given money.

When journalists came here I told them everything but nobody paid any attention to me. A man who appears on TV had come out here and when I told him everything about the Golden Dawn, all he asked was if I was afraid of immigrants and whether I manage to walk by myself at night, out of fear of being robbed by them.

So… I stopped talking. I was interviewed a few times but none of that were ever aired. We were treated unfairly here in St. Panteleimon. We were labeled racists. The area was degraded by the the Golden Dawn and the media.

There are issues everywhere in Athens. Everywhere is just dirty, there are no schools and parks for the children, there are many problems. But the journalists singled out foreigners as the source of the problem. We ‘ve always had foreigners in this neighbourhood, my child. Whatever problems are caused by Greeks are also caused by foreigners. People who steal because they have nothing to eat cannot be blamed for these.

People steal because they have no support. My parents, even my grandfather, who were not even refugees, got all the support they needed to stand on their own two feet when they came here, because that’s what people do. People help one another….”

She paused for a while and looked at a square filled with children running around happily and playing every game imaginable. Then, she asked:

-Did you play that music in the morning?

-Yes, I replied.

-Well done… that was nice. I hope to see you around again.


translation: BlackCat
photography: Kinimatini



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