USA: Racist’s car spray-painted in Olympia, Washington


Olympia, Washington:

Today, June 14 2016, in broad daylight we painted a vehicle with a
confederate flag on it, covering the flag and leaving “AFA” for
Anti-Fascist Action. More would have been done, but there were numerous
witnesses near by. One individual yelled from across the street, “Hey
that’s someones car you’re tagging!” They were answered with “There was a
racist sticker on it!”, and nothing more was said.

Some may take up issue with some Anarchists feeling it acceptable to
“censor others’ speech”. In the present time, between the fallout of many
comrades here in the U.S. now coming back from wasting time on the Bernie
Sanders wagon, the fascist Anti-Trans bathroom petitions going around,
gentrification and normalization of businesses whom clearly have no care
for the communities they’ve bought their way in to, and the horrific
events in Orlando Florida, this is no time to allow symbols of hate and
bigotry to be so brazenly flaunted.

Let’s not let it slide when we see symbols of support for the dichotomy
which attempts to isolate and enslave all of us on a daily basis. Go
outside, keep our neighborhoods as ours. (A)

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