New UK Counter-Info Project: Fire On The Horizon


Moving towards the next ‘Fire On The Horizon’

To begin with we are not interested in long introductions, we are against over worded texts that wreak of posturing and not enough praxis!

The project ‘Fire on the Horizon’ will speak for itself, disseminating counter-info that is about & related to the conflict against the prison island.  To incite, to open eyes, to reach out to free thinking minds, making the rage boil over of accomplices who are willing to awaken, to act upon their own individual desires. There is no interest in begging for consensus in order to govern the masses or adhering without critique to false promises of utopias, doctrines, ideologies that wreak of any new authority.

What interests us is the continuous conflict, the never ending insurrection, the willingness to leave the cages rather than just sit on top of them, to let wild chaotic anarchy fly free, elevating beyond the nightmare that is the technological metropolis of control & order…

What we move towards is the next fire on the horizon!

“That night we kept our eyes fixed on the horizon and saw many falling stars drawing their own chaotic paths. And we counted them over and over, we made wishes, calculated the odds. We knew that our desire for a free life had to step over all that oppresses us, murders us, destroys us, so we dived into the void just like the shooting stars we were observing. Since then innumerable stars have fallen, perhaps it’s time for our star to fall, who knows? If we had the answers ready, we wouldn’t have become what we are, but selfish bastards who would teach people how to become rodents that eat each other as they do today. At least we still remain implacable and stubborn like the people of our kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and travelled far continue to keep their eyes stuck on that night sky we also observed. And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn. Now, without hesitation, we fall.”


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