Lesvos, Greece: Protest against the eviction of No Border Social Center


While the European Union and Turkey have concluded a deal which should limit the number of refugees, it is the refugees which suffer from its consequences:
Upon arrival in Lesvos, they are detained in Camp Moria for 25 days without adequate medical treatment and sufficient provision of food.
Those who fled oppression and misery are put into oppression and misery by the European and local authorities.

In order to counteract this disastrous situation, No Border has opened a Social Center in an empty factory hall near Mytilene on the 22nd of July. A safe space for refugees was created, which provided food, drinks, activities, clothing and child care in a self-determined manner, as an alternative to the depressed life in Moria. People of every nationality, sexuality, religions and genders were welcome.

The empty, abandoned factory, in which the Social Center was realized, is property of Alpha Bank. Without hesitation and without even considering finding an agreement, they enforced the eviction of the movement from the building on the 25th of July.
The humanitarian project had no place for them, although they did not have any other use of the building.
Already during the economic crisis in Greece, they proved that it is profit, not humans, which count for them. Alpha Bank didn’t hesitate to evict people from homes and ruining local business. And they do not hesitate now evicting the No Border movement and the refugees from the empty factory.

Only, they can’t evict a movement: We moved to the beach in front of the factory to build up the Social Center again, and we are determined to take our place back.
Let’s fight together against Alpha Bank’s policy of evictions, and for solidarity with the refugees!

This is why we went in front of Alpha Bank to protest, and this is why we will go there again until we reach our demand:

No Border Social Center remains!

More information & updates: https://noborderkitchenlesvos.noblogs.org/

(via Mpalothia)

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