In solidarity with anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas & Marios Seisides: Not a step back (Greece)


Solidarity with K. Sakkas and M. Seisidis. The struggle of our imprisoned comrades is our struggle as well.

05.08.16: Today fugitive anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas and Marios Seisides were arrested in Sparta. The comrades were subjected to torture at the hands of the police after refusing to give their finger prints and have their pictures taken. According to Athens Indymedia the comrades require hospitalization. Two solidarity letters (one of which is also a call for a solidarity rally) are translated below…

Τhe road to individual and collective liberation is full of struggles and resistance against the state and the capital, against every aspect of authority.

Solidarity in practice and attack for every comrade who fights and faces repression and imprisonment for fulfilling their obvious duty.

”One slowly dies when one is not willing to risk certainty to chase a dream, whomever does allow her/himself to avoid sensible advice at least once in their lifetime…

We avoid death in small doses when we remember that living requires an effort much greater than the simple act of breathing”.

(From Kostas Sakkas’ announcement of his hunger strike on the 29th of May 2013)

Solidarity with the fighters K. Sakkas and M. Seisides.

Rally today at Evelpidon Court


Solidarity Assembly for the political prisoners, the incarcerated and persecuted fighters.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)


After hearing the news about the arrest of our two comrades Marios Seisides and Kostas Sakkas one can’t feel  anything but sadness. Sadness that two anarchist fighters fell at the hands of the persecuting authorities, which deprive them of any freedom they managed to enjoy while they were fugitives. A sadness felt by every one of us who has previously experienced this moment of violent deprivation of freedom.

Marios Seisides was targeted and was accused for the now proven state-created plot of the case of the ”robbers in black”. He has chosen to become a fugitive for the last ten years refusing to turn himself in and sacrifice his freedom at the hands of his persecutors.

Kostas Sakkas was initially accused as a member of the CCF with no incriminating evidence against him, was imprisoned and later released following a hunger strike. He violated the restrictive conditions of his release by choosing to live according to his own decisions and not the limitations imposed upon  him.

The retributive treatment of both comrades by cops has enraged us and remind us that the only response to repression can be no other than the intensification of the struggle against all those who took away the freedom we love so much. Our thoughts are with them and we want to express our undivided solidarity.

Get your hands off our comrades!
Strength to Marios and Kostas

Initiative of prisoners from the A’ Wing of Korydallos

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)


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5 Responses to In solidarity with anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas & Marios Seisides: Not a step back (Greece)

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  5. Filiz Kansu says:

    As a Turkish anarchist, I took part in a campaign in 2013 for Sakkas. (Sakkas was hunger strike in 2013.) I learned yesterday that they arrested him again! I am very sad for this!

    Down with all laws! Down the all states!
    Freedom for Kostas Sakkas & freedom for Marios Seisides!


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