Sydney: Solidarity actions for the Kalgoorlie Uprising

2 Sept – On the 30th of August 2016, following the murder of 14 year old Elijah Doughty by a white vigilante, Indigenous protesters fought back against their treatment by police and the racist ‘justice system’, smashing up the courthouse, 5 police vehicles, and injuring 12 cops.

In the days since then, some anarchists in Sydney undertook some small acts of solidarity. Hundreds of posters celebrating the rebellion was pasted up around train stations in various areas, a number of solidarity banners were tied to highway overpasses and a few dozen anti-colonial slogans were sprayed on Sydney walls.

The ‘justice system’ in this country, the police, courts and prisons are structures of capitalist and colonial domination whose purpose remain the dispossession, and oppression of Indigenous people.

The rebels in Kalgoorlie were right to attack these structures with all the rage and ferocity that they deserve. Such uprisings are a source of inspiration and joy to countess people who face daily harassment by cops on the streets or by screws in the prisons. When the flames of revolt break out we must fan them across this territory, by striking out at every manifestation of state authority, until every structure of colonialism is reduced to ashes.

(via disaccords)

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