Azerbaijan: 10 years imprisonment for graffiti – Freedom for Giyas and Bayram


On the 25th of October a court in Azerbaijan sentenced the activist Giyas Ibrahimov to 10 years in prison. Bayram and Giyas are accused to have smeared a statue of the former president. Because the sentence for this is just one year in prison, it is usual in Azerbaijan to plant drugs on opposition members and activists to be able to sentence them stronger. This was the case for the two comrades, too. One kilogram of heroin was planted on them to arrest them for drug traffic.

Bayram’s trial is still outstanding. But it is to be expected that his sentence will be between eight and twelve years imprisonment. Both anarchists suffer heavy repression and torture in the prison.

We call for solidarity with the both concerned comrades!

Freedom for Bayram and Giyas!
Freedom for all social and political prisoners!

Föderation deutschsprachiger Anarchist*innen (FdA-IFA)

More informationen:

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