Greece: First hearing at the appellate court for anarchist-communist prisoner Tassos Theofilou


by the Initiative from the Assembly of Solidarity with Tassos Theofilou

The Criminal Court of Appeals convened today for the trial of the anarchist-communist Tassos Theofilou. The comrade was escorted into the courtroom by members of the anti-terrorism police who were wearing balaclavas and displayed their guns throughout the entire hearing. In spite of the attempt to cultivate a climate of terrorism in this and other trials against anarchists, it was the presence of people in solidarity that was more noticeable. It was this expression of solidarity and support towards Theofilou that made the presiding judge comment on how the courtroom was crowded.

As the hearing started the comrades’ lawyers K. Papadakis, A. Paparrousou and S. Phytrakis filed objections regarding the unacceptable counter-appeal of the prosecutor (based on which the acquittals of the first trial are  invalidated which means the appellate court will now become a repetition of the court of first instance) as well as the lack of jurisdiction of this court for the trial and condemned the Article 187 (anti-terrorism) as unconstitutional that was only created to harm the anarchist milieu. The lawyers’ objections were overruled by the court which then adjourned for the 20th of December 2016.

We call on all people participating in the movement to stand by Tassos Theofilou and recognize that his struggle is part of a wider struggle against media manipulation, police and judicial authority and every aspect of oppression and exploitation.



(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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