Our ‘Demands’ from States and Companies as ‘Some’ Anarchists from Turkey


1- Looting from private properties like supermarkets, shopping malls and storages of companies; should be legitimate.

2- Robberies from banks and jewelers should be legitimate.

3- Intruding and destroying private properties like hotel, residence, factory; should be legitimate.

4- Jobs like smuggling, street vending; should be legitimate. Not paying tax, not being recorded financially should be ordinary.

5- Defrauding documents like identity, passport; should be legitimate.

6- Using means of transport like trains, buses etc. without money; should be legitimate.

7- Closing and cutting the roads by barricades, should be legitimate.

8- Using electricity and gas illegally (without paying it), should be legitimate.

9- Jailbreaks from prisons, schools, slaughterhouses; should be legitimate.

10- Sabotages to democracy and elections, should be legitimate.

11- Attacks to all institutions that educate and produce information, should be legitimate.

12- Attacks to harassers, people that insults-humiliate woman; should be legitimate.

13- Attacks to tie-men (men who wear tie) should be legitimate.

14- Attacks to the people who develop technology, produce new information for the system; should be legitimate.

15- Attacks to the people who are a part of the torture to the animals, should be legitimate.

16- Sabotages towards power plants-energy lines, attacks towards builders of these power plants-energy lines; should be legitimate.

17- Attacks to people that are on the top of hierarchy pyramid like directors, executives, presidents, bosses, fathers, husbands; should be legitimate.

18- Attacks to security forces should be legitimate.

19- Attacks to municipalities that supports gentrification, should be legitimate.

20– Attacks to institutions of water that controls water, exploits water from the hearts of mountains; should be legitimate.

21- Attacks to the people that are trying to make oppressed non-violent, but closing their eye to violence of oppressors, and sees both sides ‘equal’; should be legitimate.

22- Attacks to the rich, man, westerner, who has a lot in their CV, smarties; should be legitimate.

(via Sosyal Savas)

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