Greece: Antifascist patrol in central Athens

On Saturday 17th of December comrades from the antifascist/anti-authoritarian center Distomo completed an antifascist patrol in the wider area around Attiki square and safeguarded the antifascist zone in the center of Athens.

During the patrol leaflets were distributed and slogans were written.

The reaction of the police was unprecedented for this type of intervention since we were followed by a riot squad and at least 15 DIAS motorcycles.

Despite the provocative stance of the police the intervention was carried through without any problems and we followed the planned route back to our center.

The inability of the fascist gangs to show their face is obviously bothersome and now the official representatives of state repression have taken on the task to continue their job.
The antifascist centre Distomo is determined to proceed to more actions and interventions against the state and the parastate.

No tolerance for fascist gangs trying to establish their presence in the area, with or without the cover of the police.


(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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