Malaysia & Thailand: Anarchist action in solidarity with detained members of Turkish folk group Grup Yorum

Received on 03.01.17:

Anarchists in the Asia and Pacific region have taken action to express their solidarity with 7 members of the Turkish folk group, Grup Yorum, who were imprisoned in November 2016, by the Turkish State under spurious charges of belonging to a “terrorist organisation”. Grup Yorum, a folk band spanning over 30 years, whose music is highly critical of State policies, and whose members support and participate in activism against the government, have been systemically targeted by the Turkish State for decades. Previously, members and supporters of the group have experienced intense State repression and persecution, including violence, torture, censorship, travel restrictions, and house arrest.

Members of the group were arrested following two raids in October and November 2016, by special forces, anti-terrorism units, and police, on buildings in the Ortaköy neighbourhood of Istanbul, that house social centres frequented by members and supporters of the group. During raids, State forces destroyed musical equipment, flash drives, computers, books, phones and documents.

Members of the group are accused of possessing equipment, including a journal and traditional dance costumes “belonging to a terrorist organisation”, and 2030 Turkish lira (approx $575 USD), which is considered to be “money belonging to a terrorist organisation”.

In solidarity with Grup Yorum, anarchists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, spray painted the phrase “Grup Yorum Susturulamaz!” (translation, “Grup Yorum will not be silenced”), on the walls leading to the underground car park of Turkish Airlines official headquarter offices in central K.L. on 25 December, 2016.
Similarly, on 31 December, 2016, anarchists in Bangkok, Thailand, spray painted the walls of the Turkish Consulate in Soi Sutcharit, Suttisarn Witchai, north Bangkok, with the same message, “Grup Yorum Susturulamaz” (“Grup Yorum will not be silenced”).

Anarchists in the South East Asian region demand the immediate release of all members of Grup Yorum, currently detained under spurious charges by the Turkish State, and call upon friends, comrades, and allies across the globe to undertake local autonomous actions to highlight the fascistic nature of the Turkish State and its vile President Erdogan.

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