France: Attacks in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Damien Camelio


We publish here some attacks from France in solidarity with the anarchist comrade Damien Camelio, who has been held in custody since December 8, 2016 in Fleury.

Paris: Instead of lighting some candles..

Hello Damien,

We learned of your imprisonment and it made us angry.
In the early morning of the 26th of December, the day of your birthday, we walked through Passy (a rich neighborhood in Paris). To celebrate your birthday, we thought we’d better set light a luxury car such as a ‘Jaguar’ rather than some candles. We found one at the ‘rue Francisque Sarcey’. So now there is a bourgeois who moves on foot.
This is not only a contribution to the social war in front of the doors of the rich, but also a sign of solidarity for you, Damien, and for all other rebellious prisoners.

Freedom for everyone!
Fire to this world!

Some individuals among those who conspire in the dark.

Marseille (southern France): Attack on a bank branch

Marseille: Bang! Bang! Bang!

On the night of the 13th to the 14th of December, two ATMS of the banking branch ‘Caisse d’Epargne’ (Savings Bank) were destroyed in the ‘rue Bonnardel’ (third district).
We send a big solidarity greeting to the comrade who was arrested in Brittany during a wild demo last April and has been in prison for a week in the prison of Fleury.

Besançon (Eastern France): Four ATMs sabotaged

Besançon: Some well placed punches!

In solidarity with the comrade who was arrested a few days ago in Brittany and imprisoned in Fleury (on the outskirts of Paris) and who is accused of having participated in a liberating evening in Paris in April 2016.
On the night of December 14, fours ATMs were hammed at the ‘rue de Belfort’ in Besançon. The affected banks were LCL, La Poste, CIC and Crédit Agricole.
These destructive actions were also carried out in solidarity with the anarchists in Italy who were taken by Operation Scripta Manent as well as those who are currently being tried for the bank robbery in Aachen.

Neither guilty nor innocent!

For a solidarity offensive!

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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