Melbourne: Graffiti at the Turkish consulate in solidarity with imprisoned members of Grup Yorum



Received on 17.01.17:

During the night of 16.01.17 some anarchists painted the slogan ‘Grup Yorum Cannot Be Silenced’ on the Turkish consulate in Melbourne, Australia.

Grup Yorum are a left-wing folk band from Turkey who have been active for over 30 years. Their music is highly critical of the Turkish state and its members support and participate in activism against the state. They have been systematically targeted for represession by the Turkish state for decades. Currently 7 members of the band have been imprisoned since November 2016 on ridiculous charges of ‘belonging to a terrorist organization’.

This action is in response to the call from our anarchist comrades in the South East Asia region demanding the immediate release of all imprisoned Grup Yorum members and for worldwide autonomous actions to highlight the fascist nature of the Turkish state.

Grup Yorum Cannot Be Silenced!

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