Melbourne: Philippines consulate redecorated in protest against Duterte’s murderous war on drug users

Received on 17.01.17:

In response to the call for action from drug users in the Philippines to highlight the dangerous situation they are facing under the murderous Duterte regime, we decided to pay a visit to the Philippines consulate in Melbourne.

On the night of 16.01.17 we redecorated the entrance of the consulate with red paint, flyers and syringes. The red paint is to symbolize the blood of the thousands of drug users that have been murdered during a brutal nationwide pogrom by police and Catholic ‘citizen’ vigilante groups since Duterte took power in May 2016. Each syringe represents 25 murdered drug users – around 20 drug users are killed each day in the Philippines. The flyers read ‘PINOY DRUG USERS JAB BACK!’, ‘SHOOT DUTERTE NOT DRUG USERS!’, ‘STOP DUTERTE’S WAR ON THE POOR – DEATH TO ALL FASCIST HEADS OF STATE!’ and ‘ONE SYRINGE = 25 KILLED – STOP THE SLAUGHTER’.


Anarchists Against Duterte

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