Athens, Greece: Photos & statement from the intervention at the Immigration Directorate on Petrou Ralli Street

Following the vindictive transfer of imprisoned immigrants to the jail of the Immigration Directorate on Petrou Ralli street, on the afternoon of Friday 20th of January, around 150 comrades carried through an intervention outside the building.

We unfurled a banner, chanted slogans and tried to communicate with some prisoners (on Petrou Ralli the detainees are mainly men) who were at the windows and responded vigorously. They chanted slogans, dropped a banner with the word freedom on it and threw various objects through the windows.

During the intervention, protesting immigrants on the outside used a bullhorn to communicate with prisoners in their language. It was through this contact that we were informed of the lengthy detention of some of the immigrants who live in deplorable conditions, forgotten by the world outside.

We also found out that the women immigrants from the Detention Centre Elliniko are housed on the top floor of the building. Unfortunately we did not manage to communicate with them, because they must have been detained in cells that don’t overlook the street.  (LOOK at the updated section at the bottom for the real reason).

Since we stayed there for about two hours, we left with the promise to return soon.

Detainees you are not alone!

Immediate release of the immigrant women brought there from Elliniko!

Immediate release of all immigrants imprisoned in concentration camps!

Never again concentration camps!

Prisoners Solidarity from the South!

 * Update:
We were eventually informed that the reason we had no contact with the women immigrants during our intervention is not because their cells were not located on that side of the building, as we initially thought, but because female cops threatened them and did not let them get close to the windows. One of them was the same female cop who had punched an immigrant woman inside the Elliniko Immigrant Detention Centre, as she tried to communicate with us during our intervention on the 16th of December.
The vindictive behaviour of the guards and their effort to isolate the women immigrants and cut them off from the people in solidarity will not remain unanswered.

(Source, translated by BlackCat)

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