Helsinki, Finland: Hugs and solidarity for Kara Wild and other Trans prisoners


“Kara Wild is an artist, comrade and resilient force of nature, currently being detained in France. Despite a distinct lack of evidence, she is being accused of smashing a pole through a police car’s windshield moments before it was set on fire. Her charges are, “attempted voluntary manslaughter of a person holding public office, destruction of property, group violence and participating in a masked armed group.” She is a trans woman and is currently being held in a men’s jail. She is also a U.S. citizen and has been denied bond because French authorities consider her a flight risk.”

Hearing she had been caught got us angry. Rather than being only sad we felt like painting a banner and letting her know she is not forgotten. Prisons are already horrible places but they are especially horrible for trans women who are in great risk of violence and rape. We are not interested to speculate whether Kara is behind the attack on the cop car or not because we do not believe in terms of “innocence” or “guilty”. Trans and queer people are oppressed and face lot of bullshit and therefore cops, transphobes, state, prisons, and machos will stay enemies to us. Its necessary for our existence to struggle with every means possible against cishetero normative patriarchy that wants to erase us.

Write letters, organize support events, support each other and get creative on international solidarity day for trans prisoners.

Let our message bring smile on your face.

Lets break the isolation of prison cells.

For total liberation

ps. Every day is good day for actions and showing solidarity.

– Couple of trans queer squatters (and their friends) from Helsinki

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