Greece: The authorities refuse to revoke the detention of hunger striker Mohamed A.


February 1st:

Mohamed A. was escorted by police forces to the Asylum Service this morning with significant delay. The reason behind his transfer was that the Asylum Service demanded an appointment in order to take his photo and fingerprints. In the morning cops reassured his supporters and Mohamed himself, that his detention would be repealed and he’d return to hospital unguarded. When the process at the Asylum Service was completed, Mohamed was given a document that confirmed his asylum application, based on which his deportation is now cancelled. Later on he was taken to the police department of the detention centre where he received documents stating that his application has been recorded but not accepted yet, therefore his detention could not come to an end. Mohamed is now back in the hospital and he intends to go on with his hunger strike. His mental and physical health have significantly deteriorated.

The responsibility of the Asylum Service is very obvious since the officials have been aware of the fragility of Mohamed’s health and still refused to prioritise his application, which extends the state of captivity he is in and puts his life in grave danger.The vindictive stance of the police towards him is also manifest in the way they messed with his mental health since the chief of police himself had announced to Mohamed that he would be released and tried to persuade him to stop the hunger strike.

Revoke the detention of Mohamed A.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

*Mohamed is now on the 50th day of his hunger strike

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