Turkey: Revolutionary Anarchist Prisoner Umut Fırat Ended His Hunger Strike With Victory


Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner and Anarchist Meydan Newspaper writer Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları has ended his hunger strike action that he started on December 11, 2016, against the conditions of State Of Emergency (SOE) he was exposed in Izmir Yenisakran T Type Prison number 4, where he was “transferred for exile”, being forced with 20 people to stay in 14 person cells and sleep on torn beds with blood, against continued pshycological pressure, torture and unrecognition of his revolutionary anarchist political identity, on its 55th day.

Prison administration took a back step as a result of Umut Fırat’s determined struggle and they changed his cell as per the demands of our comrade. Comrade Umut Fırat communicated through his family, that he ended his hunger strike when his demands were met and his health condition is fine.

The victory that comrade Umut Fırat won on the 55th day of his hunger strike against the practices that create a SOE inside SOE in prisons , is a response to state institutions that want to take advantage of the arbitrariness and flexibility of the SOE process. The victory is also a victory in the name of all prisoners who are exposed to similar practives in the SOE process.

Umut Fırat’s struggle that he carried out with determination, were supported with solidarity actions in the geography that we live in and in other parts of the world; trying to add voices to his voice. We salute all revolutionary organizations that didn’t leave him alone and everyone who showed solidarity during the hunger strike action of comrade Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları.

Long Live Anarchist Solidarity!

Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları Is Not Alone!

Revolutionary Hearts Will Destroy The Cells!

(via Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet)

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