İstanbul, Turkey, 15.02.17: Food Not Bombs Action In Solidarity With Refugees


As of February 8th, refugees living in tents in the Torbalı and Bayındır districts of İzmir are being evacuated in accordance with district governorate decisions and the intervention of the gendarmerie. The tent areas are being removed. Thousands of refugees, who left their countries because of the civil war in Syria, have been struggling to survive as seasonal agricultural workers and living in the tent camps, constructed with their own effort, in rural areas of İzmir. Since Wednesday, many tent areas have been removed by gendarmerie without reason.

Today, throughout the world, borders enclose the world to people as the most prevalent and permanent signs of racism and exploitation.

Governments and capitalists, in cooperation, have been pursuing to make exploitation the dominant culture. In this way, the borders that they are trying to impose us do not let the people, who have been running away from wars and poverty, also in the places where they have temporarily settled. According to the UNHCR’s reports, in the last year, there are over 65 millions of displaces people around the world (the equivalent of one in every 113). However, the structural violence created by capitalism and techno-industrial system continues to debar or threaten every living creature from essential necessities such as food, security, accommodation, health services, education.

We can only fight against the system that threatens, exploits, and suppresses the life on the plant through solidarity! There are struggle and solidarity beyond the borders, walls, and fences!

This week we share our food in the Taksim Gezi Park, where is one of the most important places for our history of struggle against authority. The demonstration will be held simultaneously with an action in Izmir. Also, we welcome and encourage action from other places around the world.


Food Collection: 15.00
Cooking: 16:00 Infial, Turan Caddesi 36/A Tarlabasi
Food Distribution: 19:00 Gezi Park

Every Wednesday from 16:00 to around evening, we hold a public meal to share food with hungry people, address unnecessary waste, and make a statement about non-violence in relation to all living creatures at given address in the end.

Join us this Wednesday for FREE, DELICIOUS, VEGAN Sofra (meal); good company and great conservation! Learn more about hunger, poverty, freeganism and solidarity – bring your friends and your appetites! Let’s raise the hope for a world with no flags, no borders, no leaders, no oppression by serving freegan food.
All decisions to be made by consensus!
(Food Not Bombs is an international direct (A)ction organization that provides meals made from rescued/foraged food to those who struggle to feed themselves under capitalism.)

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