France: Revolutionary prisoner Erdoğan Çakır on indefinite hunger strike for over 40 days


17.03.17: Erdoğan Çakır, imprisoned in France for membership of the DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front), has been on an indefinite hunger strike since February 15, 2017. The reason for this is that he began a one week hunger strike in solidarity with revolutionary prisoners in Turkey on February 13 and was attacked two days later by the guards at Villenauxe prison.

In a report from the revolutionary press, it stated that on February 15, dozens of guards entered his cell and attempted to subject him to a degrading body search. Erdoğan Çakır, who resisted the search, was stripped naked under duress and locked in an isolation cell. He then extended his hunger strike indefinitely following this incident.
On March 4, his daughter Gülcan Çakır went on a solidarity hunger strike which she carried out in her home. There have also been protests in front of Villenauxe prison.

Erdoğan Çakır
N ° d’écrou: 10255 EA 2BC B209
CD de Villenauxe
Route de Sezanne
10371-Villenauxe la Grande

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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