Sydney, Australia: Emergency Protest – Don’t Deport ‘Saeed’ To Danger!!

Received on 24.03.17:

Media Release

Missing Asylum Seeker

“Saeed”, a man seeking Asylum who has been detained by the Australian government for the last four years is missing. His lawyer is being denied access and he is at risk of deportation.
Saeed has been on a hunger strike for three weeks and he is in a very fragile state.

On Wednesday he was scheduled to be deported from MITA, back to his country of origin. He is fearful for his life. Between Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning there was a blockade at the gates of MITA Detention Centre in Melbourne. On Thursday, Border Force managed to sneak Saeed through the gates. It is believed that he has been transferred to Villawood detention centre.

DIBP has provided factually incorrect information to Saeed’s lawyer, Alison Battison, regarding his whereabouts. She has been denied all access to her client. Denying Saeed legal representation is both unlawful and in breach of his human rights. He is in a precarious situation and needs legal advocacy immediately.

Saeed says “Please do not deport me, I am a human being too”.

Alison Battison is available to take enquiries from journalists. Please contact Gaye 0414580851 or Sally 0429237178 for initial enquiry.

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