Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence Issue 10



March 2017

Time seems a self-evident measure of life, to the point of being assigned to the natural order of things. And with algorithms becoming more infused in daily life, its
significance as a factor of being tends to increase. But time imposes itself on us as an uncompromising, external force, demonstrating an indifference to individual paths. The irrefutable fact of passing time belies hideouts or erratic behaviour. Life measured by time needs to be productive, to show results.

As time becomes the guidelines of life, what exists between these lines are only circumstances. And for circumstances you find adequate responses while moving
on to another particular situation. Thus life can consist of only vague intentions mingled with chance. The only logic that binds the different chapters of the biography of such a life together, is the one of time. The plot is the strategies applied for the achievements we have succeeded in.

Still for many such a life seems aimless. So we can produce a meaning that tells us who we are, and who we have been. And who you will be. A grand narrative that moulds an existence that is more limited (since it also tells who you cannot be and who cannot relate to you) but more comprehensible. The question of identity becomes a deus ex machina, the key to all answers.

But what if being productive is not a satisfying aim, and to belong to one or an other seems aleatory. Instead of a logic aimed at results, we propose a method of life. One that entails developing autonomous practices and anti-authoritarian relations. A life that gets it oxygen from these liberating experiences. This is certainly not a stylistic choice, as some might reproach, not one of the lifestyle options inside this society. But a disruptive
ethical position that creates it own conflicts with authoritarian logic.

When our intentions are resolute, the logic is not external but our own, we can instead of responding to circumstances, create the situation we are moving in. Through anarchist projects aimed at opening spaces for encounters while sabotaging the tools of domination, and thus subverting the logic of authority. These projects are occasions, experiments where ideas and actions intertwine becoming expressions of a perspective that goes beyond the particular.

If the monologue is the tool for those who want to produce a hegemonic narrative and the debilitating repetition of cliches of common sense for those who obey to the dominant logic, dialogues are an integral part of the effort to create new paths. An approach that starts from an honest reflection of one’s own trajectory and that doesn’t seek to efface differences. A dialogue is in opposition to the rhetorical tricks used in too much discussions,  that are employed to align others behind one discourse.

We have to create more moments of dialogue. This publication can be one, although with its own limitations. But dialogues between individuals, through experiences, are a necessity.

Moving between the periphery and centre
along the banks of the two rivers
until the coasts of the Atlantic


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