Russia: Moscow Anarchists declare Days of Action in Solidarity with Detainees in Belarus

We, the anarchists of Moscow, express our solidarity with the anarchists of Belarus. You set an excellent example for all the followers of leftist ideas in Russia and other countries when you led the protest march on March 5 in Minsk – more than a thousand people marched behind black flags. You have shown that anarchists are a real political force. And what happened is just the beginning. You made Lukashenko tremble: he showed the full magnitude of his fear with the mass detentions and violence against people before and after the events of March 25th. We believe that the police and all the dictator dogs of the system will not be able to break your will and spirit, because they are just weak-willed servants, performing their rotten work. You are moved by the brightest ideas of the liberation of ordinary people from the dictatorship and oppression of the authorities. We wish you to be steadfast and to remain faithful to yourselves and your ideas. We are divided by hundreds of kilometers, but in spirit we remain with you.

With this action, we announce days of united action in support of all those who were detained during protest actions in Belarus. Today, any of us can end up in the dungeons of the regime, and one should not turn a blind eye to this. Paint graffiti, stick stickers, put up flyers, etc. – act on the basis of the situation in your locality, spread the information by all means and methods.

Our strength is in solidarity and in joint struggle!

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