Prostitutes’ War Group: Field Action Report #2, South East Asian Region


04.05.17: Prostitutes, in collaboration with our non-prostitute illegalist comrades, yesterday undertook an action to expropriate the possessions of a high-ranking member of the central Jakarta Military Police. Although this action was not undertaken exclusively by prostitutes, the action was at the initiative of a prostitute. The prostitute’s co-conspirators were so-called “criminals”. (In tribute to their enthusiasm for undertaking the action, the prostitute mentions in admiration that the co-collaborators were ‘instinctual’ anti-authoritarians. Never having reading “seminal anarchist texts” written by old white men centuries ago);  through real life experiences of long-term multiple systemic oppressions and criminalisation by State forces, our co- collaborators have an inherently astute analysis of OUR enemies and the totalitarian regimes they perpetuate. Similarly, their attitudes are fuelled by rage and various expressions of latently political praxis (lives diametrically opposed to the redundant and self-indulgent wank of anarchists who engage solely in theoretical  discussion.)

A prostitute had the opportunity to service a member of the Central Jakarta Military Police, and subsequently identify this SOCIAL WAR CRIMINAL’S home address (and penchant for smoking methamphetamine). In revolt at the social war criminal’s blatant hypocrisy, the prostitute passed pertinent information onto their so-call “criminal” comrades, all of whom have been similarly persecuted by those who we recognize as the most reviled foot soldiers of fascism. We recognise these State thugs as directly complicit and responsible for the innumerable arbitrarily beatings, sexual assaults, prison sentences, harassment, and extortion we have all experienced for engaging in the same so-called “vices” these repulsive hypocrites enthusiastically embrace (and indeed profit from, personally and systemically).

Throughout the tedious hours spent entertaining the dog’s constant nationalist muttering, the prostitute repressed their disgust and desire to engage in an alternative political tirade of their own. Rather, the prostitute focused on gathering as much intelligence as possible pertaining to the creature, with the sole aim of attempting to identify an opportunity to extract OUR revenge and contribute to the amplification of the social war through an action involving property expropriation.

Using their PRO-fessional wiles and skills, the prostitute filmed the encounter and undertook a covert assessment of goods which could be easily liberated from the dog’s home. The prostitute also identified when the dog would be engaged in his job of torturing our friends and comrades, and when his home would ostensibly be empty of his (presumably long-suffering) wife, lowly paid domestic slaves, and children.

Hence, with the knowledge of the dog’s long holiday weekend plans, a team of us visited the dog’s house to ensure it was empty. With ease, we were able to gain access. Once inside, we joyfully and mischievously liberated and expropriated as many of the social war criminal’s expensive and ostensibly highly prized possessions as we were able to transport.

In addition to loathing uniformed dogs, we undertook this action to provide anonymous resources to several informal networks of similar minded insurrectionists and anarchists we have enduring solidarity and respect for (and several of us participate in). We felt it was similarly essential to provide material support, solidarity and resources to our friends currently incarcerated in spirit-crushing local prisons.

Post successful-action, we collectively decided that the ultimate mockery would be to sell the goods we expropriated back to members of State apparatuses due to their inherent corruption, petty scams and culture of extortion. In Jakarta, our enemies in the cops, military, special forces, and ‘human’ drones working for State departments, are primarily of the reviled, aspirational moneyed class. Seemingly those of this ilk share a desperate penchant for parading their consumer ‘goods’ as an affirmation of their existential identities.

Similarly, we were highly amused by the irony of selling our heist back to the filth (at an inflated price- much more than we could have negotiated with our local fence) as we expect nothing less than an “all-in, closed-ranks” response everytime pigs are “held to account” for violating their “professional code of honour/conduct”. Hence, to our amusement and contempt, we are confident the last place they will investigate in searching for the liberated property is each other.

Whilst tonight we gloat, we send a non-negotiable message to the dog whose possessions we liberated… If you try to find us, remember: we know your home address; we have intimate video footage of your pathetically unsatisfying attempts at fucking and rampant illicit drug use (drug use we feel compelled to point out, those without the ‘protection’ of a uniform would face a minimum 3 year sentence for engaging in); we covertly took photos of your vomit inducing staged “happy family” portraits (including your wife and children); and if we suspect you are in any way involved in the inevitable upcoming Ramadan raids on our workspaces we will make your life VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!


(via Prostitutes’ War Group)

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