Belgium: SMASH NATO May 24th-25th Brussels

On 24 and 25 May, most of the world’s most powerful leaders will meet to discuss war and arming at the NATO summit. Today, NATO has become the weaponized arm of defending the interests of Western great capitalism throughout the world and not a factor of security for Europe as we were sold to it in the context of Cold War. Everyone agrees already on ultra-safe and pro-militarist programs, to face terrorism our states have decided to plunge us into terror and to do terrorism abroad. Each year, in an ever-increasing curve, hundreds of millions of euros are invested in the world, and it is the competition of the great power that will have the most beautiful aircraft, the most beautiful missile launches, the biggest nuclear bomb and the most powerful mass repressive toys.

To finance death and suffering, capitalist nations are leading at least two other wars to the rest of the world. A social war is waged within each frontier to make the poorest pay both the whips that keep them to the rank of exploited but also the massacres of the populations and looting of resources of the countries they call under- developed, constituting a second devastating external economic war.

Finally, ideological warfare is waged on both sides, since childhood we are bathed in dominant messages and skull stories trying to make us swallow that there is the camp of the Gentiles and the camp of the wicked one war of the stars against evil. To support the forces of good, and to counter our fears constructed by our so-called saviours, we must submit and accept our miserable conditions of vulgar pulpits to patron or canon for certain.

It was in this unbearable context and that gloomy daily reality that the whole world could see on the internet, some time after his election, Trump’s big orange head boasting on an American channel of eating a chocolate cake with the President while ordering his army to bomb a “strategic” place in Syria, killing about fifty innocent civilians. In this surrealist story, when President Xi learned of the news, he would have warned the United States: “Listen if you killed women and children today, It’s Okay …” before resuming a Chocolate piece. This episode perfectly illustrates the fact that we are billions not worth more than vulgar crumbs to control, divide, share, eat and throw if necessary, in the eyes of the few hundred scraps forming the ruling elite capable In a word or a meal to ruin our existence to silence.

And yet, we are millions indeed not to be fooled by all this trickery. There is not a week in the world, without insurgents rising against the power of politicians or multinationals as well as its ferocious state dogs that only protect them.

This 24th of May, a great demonstration of several thousand people, unfortunately the day before the summit and not the same day, is planned in “calm” and “police supervision”. We call on all the ungovernable in Europe and elsewhere to join the antimilitarist and anti-capitalist bloc from 5 pm at the Gare du Nord. The next day, at the NATO summit, a “blockage” to disrupt as much as possible the rendezvous of the great powers is also organized by some associations. We are calling, depending on the strategic opportunities available to us, to reinforce the blockade or a series of decentralized actions.

Let us be this part of indigestible cake for those who can’t. Faceless, without power, without flags or party, let our enemies tremble so that they understand that we will wage war against them not for peace but for social justice!


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