Germany: Bismarck Monuments Attacked in Protest Against Colonialism and the upcoming G20 Conference


In the past few days, we have attacked Bismarck monuments in various German cities. With these attacks, we are taking aim at a colonial continuity, expressed in the worship of the organizers of the Berlin Africa Conference of 1884, which continues to this day.

At this conference, the Western European states decided to divide the African continent among themselves, the artistic boundaries that were then drawn, and the ruthless exploitation of the resources of Africa are still the basis for European wealth as well as for the poverty of many people in the southern hemisphere. The original accumulation of European capital continues here.

We are also addressing our actions against the next G20 / African Partnership Conference in Berlin, where this colonial history will find its modern continuation. We welcome any further action in this context. Bismarck is in every city!

Fight G20! Smash Colonialism!

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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