Kiev, Ukraine: Luxury Car Torched by “Revenge of Marusya Nikiforova” Cell FAI

Received on 16.07.17:

At 2 am anarchists set fire to the luxury three-door Land Rover
Range Rover Evoque.

The car stood on the guarded parking lot in the yard of a 9-storey residential
building on the Olevskaya street, 3 – B,residential area Novobylici, the
city of Kiev. As a result of ignition, the car completely burnt out.

“We take responsibility for the arson of an expensive car on the outskirts
of the city. This action was carried out intentionally, since we despise
prosperous shit.

Walking through the district of the Novobelichi area you can see a lot of homeless and
poor people, living in high-rise buildings that are old and cheap.Their
pensions and monthly earnings are only enough to feed themselves, buy
necessary things, pay for utilities. With such incomes it is impossible to
save up for a car even for 10 thousand dollars, let alone for 30 or more.

But, among the mass poverty are a clearly distinguished class of wealthy
citizens. They have good houses, high incomes, and chic 3-door hatchbacks. For
them, it’s disgusting to ride the metro, and the collapsing city busses are
not familiar to them at all. They take pride in flaunting their wealth
and social superiority. They do not want to know how their neighbors live.
They think that this is the normal course of things and how it should
always be.

Well…We, in turn, also do not care about these rich people. We will burn
their property and, if possible, expropriate them. They have nothing human
and we understand this perfectly.

The revolution in 2014 did not bring fundamental changes. Today, the
president of the country is the “oligarch of chocolate” Poroshenko. This
is the last bastard and deceiver, as was the overthrown Yanukovych.
Authorities still fool and trick people, linking problems from the war with
the separatists. And at the same time in some areas of the capital for
months there is no hot water. Of course, this life is not familiar to the
president, ministers and deputies.

Anarchists have a lot of work to do. Ahead of us waiting for a dangerous
and uncompromising struggle. Therefore: get weapons, resist. The social
revolution will be!

Taking this opportunity, we express warm words of solidarity with our
comrades, who recently set fire to a Porsche dealership in Hamburg, burned a
diplomatic van and generally tried to raise hell during the G20

Also a few words about this arson.

The guard of the parking lot turned out to be quite a normal dude. Instead
of vigilantly guarding the expensive cars of corrupt citizens, he took a
horizontal position, turned on the laptop – he just rested.

Our praise to such guards.

To send this car to hell, we needed only 1.5 liters of a combustible
mixture (napalm). We poured it between the engine cover and windshield.
The mixture was set on fire with a hunting match.”

On the official website of the “State Service of Ukraine for Emergency
Situations in Kiev” it is written that the call arrived at 2:01, but the
fire was only extinguished at 2:50.

Anarchist group “Revenge of Marusya Nikiforova”/ FAI


Lyrics from song in video:

Everything that explodes, everything that burns,
To us in our case will help.
There are so many good reasons,
The world of the rich to disturb.

One, world divided into classes is impossible!
Two, world divided into classes!
Three, world divided into classes!

Everything that the bourgeois stolen from us,
We can not retrieve without a fight.
This is one of the serious reasons,
Beat bourgeois!

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