Athens, Greece: Responsibility Claim For The Devastation in Ermou St Shopping District

A political positioning and taking responsibility

On Monday 17 July just 4 hours after the decision of the Court of Appeal to continue the detention of  Irianna and Periklis, an immediate solidarity gathering-demonstration was called in Monastiraki square  (a crowded square in the centre of Athens).

In just 3 hours there were at least 800 comrades from the spectrum of the Anarchist/Anti-authoritarian movement and the extra-parliamentary left, from mouth-to-mouth propagation.

On the demo’s way to Syntagma square (the central square of Athens, in front of the parliament), it was decided by part of the demo to make a simultaneous attack on the shops of Ermou street.

The choice was massively designed not only by the number of people involved in the action itself, but also by the participants’ eagerness-agreement that these attacks were a justifiable and defensible act.

It was not hard to imagine that the media would hurry to degrade these acts as “blind”, “brutal” moves without any connection with the “ultimate aim”, ie the release of Irianna and Periklis.

The media, especially in the face of the social current built for the liberation of I/P, are again pointing the finger and indicating the “good protester”, “the good movement participant”. The one who has to accept the court’s judgments wisely, calmly. Who can make resolutions, collect signatures, but only up to there.

The destruction in Ermou street was a statement.


The movement has the potential to propagate, build social alliances, assert its right also through its various social identities and specializations (biologists, athletes, musicians, youth, etc.).

But, it also has the ability to bite.

With absolute attention to the delicate boundaries between combativeness and self-referenced fighting, the conflict with the state and its powers also has material directions. The struggle against mechanisms with real material authority, which with a signature can lock you in prison, cannot and should not remain at the level of controversy in arguments, essentially a deaf dialogue. Now it must be understood everywhere that every hour, every day that Irianna and Periklis are in jail, will be a day of incommensurate(/asymmetric) cost.

Honestly, is there any illusion that with 2 people in prison for their social relations, the tourist industry in Athens will continue to work normally?

Let them all take their responsibilities for what is going to follow.

PS. We are not only fighting for Irianna as a person but for “Irianna” as a symbol of persecution mechanisms.

The question of persecution of social relations must be a matter of existential significance for the movement. We have to enter the struggle dynamically not just for Irianna but to stop the mechanism that produces and will continue to produce “Iriannas”. So our political targeting must escape from the mere defence of the individual case and concern central issues at the same time. Let’s talk about the “terror law”, the policies and the politicians who support it.

Participants in the events of Ermou

(via Act For Freedom Now!)

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