Greece: Statement of Anarchist Prisoner Panagiotis Z.


Received on 11.09.17:

“I read somewhere that in the whole world, in all those millions, there are no two boys or two girls that are same as two drops of water.The same thing happens with revolutionaries. Each one carries in their participation their own dreams, their own loves. Their own self, their own “I can”. Alas, if it was otherwise. We would be either machines or amoebae.

And the history the whore, that’s how they write her, both the bourgeois and the communists: horizontal, flat.  They speak about peoples, they speak about masses. Nobody from them could ever feel the intensity, the passion, the climax and the fall of entire worlds, in only one twenty-four hours from the life of the revolutionary.”

‘Fine, you got killed early’

Chronis Missios

Everything started in 2012 in a protest, where I participated too against the memorandum, as all the people. In the end of the protest others went home, others to some coffee shops, others to the Exarcheia Square.  I continued on foot towards my residence. That has little importance for the State and it’s lackeys, since they didn’t allow me to defend myself before my custody.

On the evening of Tuesday 25/07/2017, while I was leaving the house of a friend – I state that it was not my house – I was surrounded by  25 garbage of State Security, they handcuff me and lead me to the General Police Directive announcing to me, that there was pending an arrest warrant for three months for which I was never informed about.  After about 30 minutes,  the chief called me to his office and when I entered he gave me his hand. Reflexively, I laughed, told him to hold himself and I sat to listen. He mentioned, that he knows that I’m a good guy, but he suspects, that I participate in protests of the movement. I didn’t deny or accept anything. I replied nothing. Next, he mentioned some names without asking me anything specific. Then impersonating the profile of the ‘good’ cop he told me, that they are not going to my house ‘because my mum is elderly, they don’t want something to happen to her’. All of this lasted 5 minutes. I returned to the corridor of the 6th floor and after one hour they took me to the 7th to the cells, there where they hold the bodies of the humans. The next morning, the typical procedures followed, they took me for photos, and then to Evelpidon-Loukareos, where they announced my custody in Korydallos, with the pretext that I have an unknown residence, without me getting seen by the suitable responsible person. It should be clarified, that after my arrest they didn’t go to search my house and the reason is obvious. They didn’t want me to be able to prove that they knew, where I live while in reality they could find me 24 hours a day, as it happened. It’s funny to mention, that after my arrest I saw in the police station a lot of faces that I had seen around my house and the surroundings of my mother’s house too.

From my side it’s obvious why I was arrested by so many state garbage and why I wasn’t called to get baseless charges. It was obvious, that these charges aren’t able to put someone into custody. It didn’t become known to me through some certified paper, that I had to present myself to the investigator for the case that was pending, with the result of me being unsuspected to their hands.

These practices are known to the movement. They try to repress our struggles and capture every idea that goes against the miserable regularity that gets marketed as security and tranquillity. State scum, that play in a chessboard the entire societal majority.

Protests are a form of struggle that breaks the silence of the social graveyard. All those alienated lives inside the compromises and the ‘don’ts’. With relationships drowned in lies that aim at profit and the upgrade of the social status. The state with it’s eyes tries to monitor, whoever disrupts this rottenness. It imprisons those who resist, but the solidarity of the comrades brings the souls of the prisoners in the present to roam around safe inside the moments of insurrection, those moments where compromises don’t fit.

All of us desire the destruction of the miserable society, who remains a viewer and destroys with her passivity. In parallel, we want the creation of new ways of interaction and we must arm ourselves with our conscience and act with all means, not passively. We have to become creators of our ideas, all of those ideas who aim towards diverse action against the state. We should sow the seeds of freedom and insurrection for the whole movement, to all the struggling communities and every revolted individuality. We know, that words often resonate to the void, but unrepentant we take our lives in our hands and we stare at the hardships that stand in front of us. We don’t stay tied even though you might tie our hands. Our soul slips from the galleys of the state that imprisons whatever it can’t control. It tries to scare comrades and relatives of people who are prosecuted but it forgets that whoever reacts is never alone.

We look at the monster with our burning eyes and we fly without a tomorrow, like Daedalus and Icarus, for the journey of our dreams. That dream with free people, armed women that crush their rapists, animals with their owners on the leash, workers hanging their bosses, garbage men throwing their mayors in the garbage cans.

With our conscience at the steering wheel and our passion in the throttle we look back on another day, which died, waiting for the next one to be born even if it is the hardest one. We will accept it just as we accept the consequences of our ideas and actions. Forever unrepentant.

Solidarity to the Squats

Solidarity to the arrestees of G20

Solidarity to the migrants that revolt inside the concentration camps

Snitches go back- Comrades forward!

Long live Anarchy!

Panagiotis Z. –‘ A’ section of Korydallos Prison

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